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Linden grid account sellette.resident Port of origin Earth
Family name Blackwood Personal name Sellette
Place of birth New York, U.S.A., Earth Date of birth 1989-04-28
Education and work history B.A. Sociology, New York University
M.A. History, Washington University
Private Consultant, Jcorp Robotics (Formerly)
Level 1 Technician. Imperia Designs (Formerly)
Project Manager, Blackwood Robotics
Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications none Reason for immigrating Research Biography Despite her early studies in social interaction and the humanities, Sellette developed an love of machines and machine-human relations. After graduating at Washington University, Sellette was offered a position at Jcorp Robotics studying interactions between strong AI and humanity. After several years, Jcorp was absorbed by Imperia Designs. Eventually she was approached by a representative of Blackwood Robotics, working on a new project on their behalf.
last updated: 2018-02-06 21:30:02
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