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Linden grid account araloreleimarialla.resident Port of origin Jupiter Intergalactic Spaceport.
Family name Aetheris Personal name Wendi Middle name(s) Mira
Affiliated organization Former Black Industries Employee
Place of birth Elritcht, Seldar, Tierre Date of birth 1989-03-25
Education and work history Graduated Elritcht College of Advanced Robotics (2007)
Entered into Black Industries as a Medical Science Officer & Engineer in (2009)
Worked in Advanced Robotics Development projects
Genetic modifications Genetically modified ears (pointed) Synthetic modifications Bio Mechanical skeletal enhancements, Biomechanical Synthetic organs (heart, lungs, liver, stomach etc. excluding brain) Synth Flesh, Bio Synthetic Integrative Nervous System Reason for immigrating Immigrating to Eisa in search of better job opportunities, and economical stability. Biography Wendi was the product of the Tierrian system from the moment of her birth. Being orphaned at a young age, she spent most of her early childhood in one orphanage or another. Her aptitude for the medical and scientific arts was what first got her noticed by the good colleges for the medical sciences and robotics divisions of her home town, and not long afterwards ended up landing her schollarships that most Ivy League punks could only have wet dreams of. This of course earned her many bitter rivals and enemies due to her more than dubious heritage and at least one of her parents brilliant ideas at genetically modifying her outward appearance... At least so far as her ears were concerned. She's never been sure why her biological parents wanted a 'designer child', but the difference was just enough in her community to cause many altercations to transpire between herself and others. At the height of her troubles, her 'Ivy League Rivals' as she'd nicknamed them, had hired a group of thugs which brutally maimed and assaulted her on the way home from a club one night. The extent of her injuries were so severe, that without medical treatment at the very least, they could prove fatal. When she came back to consciousness, her whole world had been drastically altered, and it would seem she'd become a new 'employee' at Black Industries. She'd both unwittingly and involuntarily become the first 'Bio - Synthetic Medical Officer' of Black Industries, and even sported a large assortment of their own Bio Synthetic tech. Her brain was still intact, or at least she hoped mostly intact, but as for the rest of her... it became a whole new experience in re - learning how to walk, talk, and even function as a 'less than normal' person. After several years of 'working' for Black Industries, Wendi sought out a new life within the colony of Eisa.
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