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Linden grid account itonami.hilltop
Name NS Edolos-7a Model XSU Serial number 712-27-1887
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; REPORT FOR RECONDITIONING Owner or affiliated organization None
Manufacturer Core by Yutani Onsen Kokai Kabushiki Kaisha Date of manufacture 2015-01-19
Biography Vendor: Yutani Springs
Model: XSU
Name: Atlas-20116
Controller Serial: YS-712-27-1887

Creator: Dr. Evan Locklear
Notes: Aide to XSU

Model Type: HumANDroid

Functionality: Nurse and domestic servant
Limitations: Only programmed to intimately serve human men (with or without minor genetic altering)

Notes: Unit has been reconditioned by 3rd party and re-released as the following
Name: NS Edolos-7a

Model Type: HumANDroid

Reconstruction of chassis and personalities.

Default personality has been reconfigured to reflect standards which are to be upheld by a machine.

Edolos' body is remade with the finest bio-tech.
Atlas was programmed to be an Aide Model for a privet practice, helping with patients by offering counseling and non-medical remedies for depression. He was designed to be as real as could be. His skin is soft and warm and besides his controller and Nanite Systems Chromatic Communications Interface, he had no other outwardly signs of being a robot. His obedience was absolute, even when the doctor turned his attentions to the boibot and decided to learn how to upgrade his bot.

Atlas was, almost successfully, turned into a physical affection and partner bot. He was programmed with the appropriate software and knowledge to be a good house wife with some sass. His absolute obedience was still there. Even when the doctor slowly became an angel of mercy. Atlas would learn and gain the knowledge from his Master, and his temperaments as well. The boibot did as his owner wished, dispatching and releasing the pain of dying clients. Along the way, he has gone through upgrades to give him freewill and his brother was created.

They were never caught, but after a battle with his lungs, the doctor passed. Atlas was not claimed by anyone, but left active to help around where he could... but the damage to his programming prosiest.

After a good run in two large cities, Atlas was finally decommissioned. He was shut down and stored. After a year in storage, his and his brother's pods were stolen. Now with a new owner, Atlas was remade while Saevus was untouched, unwanted. Atlas' base persona was changed to be the most submissive, obedient robot. Most of the unwanted personas were scrubbed clean.

He was re-outfitted with a new chassis, stolen. It was made with the best bio-tech available, resilient and resistant to tears and breaks. The chassis was also injected with nano-tech to allow the body to change between male and female shapes.

With the new body and persona, he was reactivated under the name NS Edolos-7a.

After some time, he reactivated his brother who 'fixed' some persona issues on Edolos. Personas were restored, but the default persona was stuck as the main persona.
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