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Linden grid account fey.titanium Port of origin Nice
Family name Tatyanova Personal name Aranka Middle name(s) 'Aran'
Affiliated organization -
Place of birth Bjørnevatn, Norway, Earth Date of birth 1992-06-20
Education and work history Attended Elemantary and High-school in Norway, went on to study in Nice.
Graduated this year (age 23), with a Msc. in Technical Engineering.

Earns some extra pocket money via her blog, due to traffic in combination with loads of ads.
Genetic modifications - Synthetic modifications - Reason for immigrating Looking for a job. Biography Aranka has grown up and attended school in Norway. Being the daughter of a Norwegian-Russian union, she bears the name of her mother Tatyana as family name in Russian manner, while her first name is Norwegian.

Having been raised to work hard from early on by her parents, both of which worked in the mining business, and were not overly rich, she managed to get exceptional grades in school, particularly in natural-sciences, she managed to get a scholarship in Nice, France, where she learned technical engineering and just graduated with a Msc., having written a theoretical piece on Minovsky Physics in robotic engineering. It is safe to assume, that she suffers from at least a minor form of Aspergers Syndrome, making her highly efficient in certain sciences, but socially... at least awkward. She has a very special kind of humour and often doesn't understand social boundaries or is unable to emphasize with people, which may get her to step on some toes here and there.

Since she has a good sense for fashion, but no sense for what is socially acceptable, she often dresses in what she finds 'beautiful', often meaning she wears overly indecent outfits, not realizing they may inspire some people to certain actions which could make her blush. Deeply. However, to afford this, she had to find another way of income early on, and so she started an internet blog on Pornography-review, as Pornography is one of her big hobbies... which is, having grown up in a remote mining village at the end of the world, very plausible. It doesn't make her rich or anything, but it afforded her a bit of stable pocket money via on-site-advertisement.
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