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Linden grid account xanderlintraub Port of origin Javik Station
Family name Lintraub Personal name Xander
Affiliated organization Javik Station
Place of birth born in space Date of birth unknown
Education and work history Reason for immigrating Work Biography Xander was born in space. His parents were traveling merchants with their own ship. When Xander was six years old, marauding space pirates raided the ship, killing Xander's parents and seriously injuring him. Since that time, he wears an inoperable pistol bullet near his heart, which is monitored by an implant that constantly checks his life signals. He earns his money as an honest trader, at least he claims that.

Eventually fate hit hard. While he was staying at the Javik Station his ship was stolen. In addition, his implant suddenly sent disturbing values: the bullet would complete its work within the next seven days.

Then the owner of the station Andrei Javik made him an interesting offer ...
last updated: 2018-02-26 09:32:56
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