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Linden grid account tingp Port of origin Hesperia Spaceport, Mars Colony
Family name TeddyTalon Personal name Ting
Affiliated organization Javik Station
Place of birth Hong Kong,Earth Date of birth 1997-04-20
Education and work history Diploma in Multimedia & Infocomm Technology in  Youth Collage ,Hong Kong
Worked at Medical Delivery for 2 years
Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications XSU Cotroller for medical use Reason for immigrating Legal troubles Biography Ting was born to an affluent family in Hong Kong. While studying communications at the Youth Collage, Ting was involved in a drunk driving accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

His parent were able to pay for experimental and lifesaving treatment to restore his spinal function and mobility with the assistance of a NS controller device, though it left them in bankruptcy.

After Ting's recovery, he returned to school and took an internship with the Chiaphua Components Group. This coincided with a two year, undercover investigation into the group by the Hong Kong police.

After racketeering charges were filed against several of the company's managing partners, Ting was subpoenaed as a material witness for the trial. Fearing for his future, Ting cooperated fully with the police; his testimony instrumental in bringing multiple indictments.

After the trial, Ting and his family began receiving threats from unnamed individuals, who made it clear that Ting and his family were targets for retribution for his involvement in the trial.

Ting took the next transport shuttle to the Mars colony, but the threats followed him. With his last funds, Ting purchased a one-way ticket on a cargo ship to the Eisa colony.

With no contacts and no cash left, Ting arrived at Eisa, stopping first at Javik Station. Ting explained his dire circumstances to the station's owner, Andrei Javik, who agreed to give him room and board while Ting seek work on the colony to start over.
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