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Linden grid account andy.vanness Port of origin Moon Colony
Family name Vanness Personal name Andrea Middle name(s) Laura
Place of birth Santiago, Chile, Earth Date of birth July 4 1990
Education and work history 2013 - Graduated from Law School in
2015 - Master of Laws on Legal Ethics "Cyberization as life saving procedure"
2018 - Doctoral Candidate "Synthetic life forms: Full sentient beings in need of legal recognition."

2012 - 2014 "Andrade, Saavedra Asociados" Legal firm as legal aid during last years of college education
2014 - 2018 Staff Lawyer at Excelsior Cybernetic Groups
Genetic modifications Induced androgen insensitivity syndrome Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Taking a two year sabbatical to try and write a novel. Available as a Law Consultant Biography Born to a middle class family, Andrea knew at a young age that she was born in the wrong body. Having an accepting family helped her transition socially at a very young age. Before puberty started, and with the approval of several experts, a small genetic modification was introduced, inducing Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome on her, making  it easier for her to transition.

She followed on her mother footsteps and applied to Law School.

She has been an advocate of LGBTQ rights basically all her life and during her years in Law School and conversation with some classmates she had come to regard synthetic beings as fully sentient and deserving of full citizen rights. Of course these views  while controversial had garnered some praise due to the strength of her arguments, even if her ideas are not adopted yet.

She always showed a more creative side along with her love for law school and after saving enough money to support herself very modestly for a year and a half, she has taken a sabbatical, hoping to find inspiration in the colonies to write her first novel.

This citizen has submitted to experimental treatments that ended in her full conversion into a unit. She understood the risk and signed the appropriate papers a month before the procedures started. The resulting unit is now property of Regula Robotics.

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last updated: 2018-06-17 07:34:37
Regula Robotics X-Series am3thyst
posted 5 years ago
This was a cute human, but now she is much better
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