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Linden grid account stormquinn Port of origin Javik Station
Family name Quinn Personal name Storm
Place of birth Sydney, Australia, Earth Date of birth 1978-03-21
Education and work history Completed high, then went on to complete a degree in astro-navigation from the National University.

Worked his way up through various shipping and freight operators until he founded Quinn Deep in 2009, his own hauling company. Operates as a sole trader, specialising in deep space hauling.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Business Biography Earth born, but really doesn't like people that much and the crowded cities drove him to look for alternatives. Good student who managed to pass all his studies to become a pilot, working his way up through a few companies hauling freight until he could afford his own ship. His disdain is mostly towards those on the planets, considering that (rightly or wrongly) "surface dwellers" have no idea of the work that goes into keeping them pampered. Now concentrates  largely on deep space hauls, not all of them completely kosher,  just to get time away from people.

He prefers the company of other freighters, working out long ago that the company of men is preferable.  Finding that more and more of his clients are sending him to Eisa, and subsequently discovering Javik Station prompts him to think about locating himself in the system.
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