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Linden grid account trumpedcard Port of origin Toronto
Family name Madison Personal name Raleigh
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Place of birth Ottawa, Canada, Earth Date of birth 1995-03-03
Education and work history Bachelor's degree, computer systems engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa (Class of 2017)
Junior database administrator, Nanite Systems Corporation, October 2017-present
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Employment Biography The daughter of a middle-class Canadian family, Raleigh is perhaps the quintessential 'good girl' - a hard worker with excellent grades, an active social life without excess, and a passion for both social causes and computer science. Top marks earned her an academic scholarship for her Engineering degree, with a minor in philosophy; everything seemed set for a top entry-level job with one of Ottawa's prestigious R&D firms - but Raleigh surprised (and disappointed) her parents by accepting what her father describes as a 'dead-end position pushing data from a to b' offworld.
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