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Linden grid account linnefer Port of origin Isis Station
Family name Doe Personal name Linnefer
Affiliated organization Yutani Corporation / NanoSec
Place of birth Yutani Biotech Iris Station, 7 Iris, Main Belt, Sol System Date of birth 1998-04-15
Education and work history Extensive training in 0G - 2006 to 2008
Security training 2008

Corporate Security for YC 2010 to 2017

NanoSec - March 2018 to present
Genetic modifications Extensive: Cheetah Gene Splice Synthetic modifications 0G-Adaption, Yutani C91 implant-intercom, Yutani O25 ocular enhancements. Reason for immigrating Liquidation of Iris Station Biography The clone was born as part of the Yutani Project ██████████████████ on the Yutani Biotech Installation "Iris Station" in the Main belt.

Genetic modification (Cheetah gene splice & 0G-Adaption) on the specimen began in early 2006 as part of Project █████ █████ with a 20 years repayment plan.

Cybernetic augementation with ocular implants happened 2008 in the wake of Project ███-███████ and upgrades to match growth happened 2009, 2010,  2012, 2014 and 2017. Project ███████ added a short range, subvocal intercom implant in 2015.

Repayment plan YFS-██-███ was canceled early in 2018 under provision to guard the last shipment of decomissioned Yutani installations to Eisa on the AI commanded Kutai class corvette 'Sakura 4'.

After just days in Eisa colony, she joined NanoSec as an officer.
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