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Linden grid account alrekr Port of origin [REDACTED]
Family name Personal name Alrekr
Place of birth [REDACTED] Date of birth
Education and work history [REDACTED] military training.
[REDACTED] tactical training.
[REDACTED] Psyker training.
[REDACTED] miscellaneous training.
VR military training.
- Adeptus Astartes
VR non-military education.
Weapons skill training under 'LOTUS'.
Genetic modifications Enhanced genetic components; multiple forms. Synthetic modifications 90% replacement of genetic material(s) with nanomachines, synthetic parts. Reason for immigrating "Vacation" Biography Kidnapped at a young age and inducted into a PMC owned by a majority shareholder of planet [REDACTED], escaped [REDACTED] during a critical induction test and has been on the run from said corporation since. Has eventually picked up a small team of similar misfits. Spends most free time training or learning when not reminded that he's on a permanent vacation (understanding what it's like not to have a predesignated purpose).
last updated: 2018-05-25 14:15:40
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