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Linden grid account kiligir Port of origin Johannesburg, ZA
Family name Personal name K
Affiliated organization NanoSec, Din-Glau Security Services
Place of birth San Fransisco, United States, Earth Date of birth 1983-09-13
Education and work history Galileo Academy of Science and Technology
Salutatorian | Logic Track | 1995-1999

University of California Berkeley
B.S. | Theoretical Mathematics | 1999-2002

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S | Complex Analysis | 2002-2004

University of Elysium's Institute for Theoretical Robotics
Ph.D (unfinished, lacking dissertation submission) | Graph-linking Galois Networks | 2004-2008

United States Department of Defense
Researcher | Galois Networks | 2008-2010
Lead Researcher | Galois Networks | 2010-2011

Din-Glau Security Services
Vice Commander, Special Tactics (SVCMDR) | Systems Unit | 2011-2013
SVCMDR | Field Liaison | 2013-
Genetic modifications None listed Synthetic modifications Cybernetic eyes, subcranial neural uplink, localized subdermal adrenaline injectors Reason for immigrating Job opportunity with Nanite Systems, and no other ulterior motive Biography K's early life was nothing eventful. He was born to a moderately well-to-do set of parents,  and afforded the opportunity to attend some of the top schools in the country. He had a promising career in Academia until the US Department of Defense forcefully commandeered his  doctoral research. Details of his employment with the DoD remain classified Secret, but it is assumed there was a use for his research. His life took an interesting turn in 2011, when Din-Glau Security Services recruited him to the private sector for his work on a mathematical model for ethical bounding. A few classified-and-never-mentioned synthetic and possible genetic modifications later, K was deployed in the field as an asset alongside infiltration teams on remote planets, using his trained combat skills together with his innate knowledge of systems behavior in a host of interesting and unexpected ways.

K is a deeply private man in all matters, preferring to listen rather than speak, and think rather than act. Those that have dealt with him have mixed reactions, but few have neutral opinions on him.
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