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Linden grid account reiko.zelin Port of origin Tokyo, Japan
Family name Varris Personal name Cailo
Affiliated organization None, currently seeing employment
Place of birth Seoul, Republic of Korea, Earth Date of birth 1984-09-02
Education and work history Choi Saeran finished high school with multiple scholarships, eventually attending university in Tokyo and majoring in nanotech and biotech.

Worked as a research assistant for a major Nanotech corporation, interning until he graduated from Tokyo University of Technology with a Masters in Engineering and a Bachelors in Biotech.

Remained employed at the Nanotech corp until his accident, resulting in his "death".
Synthetic modifications Full-body Cyborg, fitted with a DAX/3 controller and collar, brain-computer neural interface, detachable rabbit ears and tail Reason for immigrating In hiding following a fatal accident that required a brain transplant into a cybernetic body Biography Following an accident that cost him most of his skin and nervous system, as well as resulted in multiple organ failures, Saeran's brain was transplanted into a fully cybernetic body using an experimental procedure developed by biotech specialists in Neo Tokyo. As this particular procedure wasn't exactly legal, with Saeran offered up as a "volunteer", he was released with a DAX/3 controller pack and collar under a false name, posing as a biotech and nanotech engineer for hire.
last updated: 2020-11-24 01:48:39
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