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Linden grid account powerofvoid Port of origin Earth
Family name Hayes Personal name Cinder Middle name(s) "Sin"
Place of birth New York State, USA, Earth Date of birth 1990-09-11
Education and work history 2009-2012: Studying various subjects at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2012-2016: Autodidactic studies and many, many "career readiness" workshops
Mid-2016: [information incomprehensible]
2016-present: Freelance mad scientist
Genetic modifications Yes Synthetic modifications Usually Reason for immigrating Not immigrating, probably, just frequently visiting Biography What's with the extensive background check? I'm not even leaving the country! This should be *easier* than my high-school band trip to Canada!

... Fine, but I *hate* having to write this sort of thing.

I was born in New York, I went to your everyday standard modestly-wealthy-with-an-emphasis-on-wealthy suburban high school, with the usual 90%-white demographics. I was good at math and hated writing classes in any other language besides math. I went to college because that's what was expected, did well, graduated a bit early, wandered off, worked as a freelance engineering consultant for various employers, and eventually I decided to visit the little "tropical paradise" folks keep talking about.

Yes, my senses are enhanced. No, they're not the only thing that is. Why *wouldn't* I improve on nature? If nobody wanted new to be better, us engineers wouldn't have a job! This is practically a work portfolio right here!

Yes, my eyes glow. Usually. No, I'm not possessed by alien space-ghosts, I just think it looks cool. I've never even *heard* a credible story about alien space-ghosts.

No, none of my friends are terrorists. Unless one of my friends from the south likes rolling coal? I don't think they do, they don't seem like that sort of folks. I suppose some of them are probably gun-owners, though.
last updated: 2021-06-14 18:39:02
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