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Linden grid account angela.ohare Port of origin Kennedy Space Center
Family name Fletcher Personal name Piper Middle name(s) Lowvack
Affiliated organization US Marines (Former) NS Medical (Currently)
Place of birth Pope Field, NC, Earth Date of birth 1990,10,14
Education and work history Educated at NC State University for a Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D). Worked as a infantry unit and Field Medical Officer before complete reconstruction of his body in 2015.  Was honorably discharged after he recovered and given the purple heart of valor for his service.  Piper was transferred over to the NS Medical Center as per the Veteran Employment Organization to help employ former military. Genetic modifications None. Synthetic modifications Jarhead. Complete body replacement done by Dr. Brennen of Mercy Hospital. Reason for immigrating Retired Military. Joining Medical work force as it applies to his MOS. Biography Piper was a infantry man and Field Medical Officer before his body was completely destroyed by enemy fire. He isn't used to fitting into a civilian role and still retains all of his combat experience. While he feels the need to help and heal others he also doesn't feel the need to be respectful or obliging. He had at one point been a personal medical physician prior to being transferred to NS Medical. He detested this job, as the clients he helped where in his words . "Jackasses" and liked to remind him that they had control over him when it came to his job. Not so subtly saying they could end his career. Once transferred he began his transition to Eisa immediately, happy to leave behind the shit clientele he had.

Piper has a bit of memory issues since his reconstruction, not quite remembering fully who he was before his "death". Diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia, he has had a very large identity crisis as he doesn't recall very much of his past except part of his military career and him waking up in a new body. He is still reeling from the shock of reconstruction and tends to be very wary and mistrusting of things as he has almost completely forgotten much of his and earth's history.

The only concrete things are that he is very good at being a doctor and is fiercely protective of his patients. He says this is probably a hold over from his days in the military, the need to serve and protect being a driving force for him in his getting a medical degree.

He feels an odd kinship with bots as they don't seem to harbor the innate need to cause harm that most humans do, this connection is compounded by the fact that many non-cyberized humans see him as less than human, or a walking freak. He is sympathetic to most people, even if his rough demeanor doesn't allow it to shine through.

He knows little of the underground except that it exists and for various reasons.
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