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Linden grid account bimbeaux
Name H3L Model NRS/00 Serial number 831-2-[CORRUPT]
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TESTING FAILED; RETIRE ON SIGHT Owner or affiliated organization Independent unit, self-proclaimed Matriarch of the NRS series of units
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture [Data Lost]
Biography Nanite Systems Gynoid Unit, 5c/2/0
Designation: NRS/00 H3L
Role: Guardian, Pirate, Journalist, NRS Series Matriarch
Personality: Sarcastic, cocky, aggressive (pleasant, amicable, and even cuddly to those held in high regard)

Physical Description: Black/red hair, red/black eyes, Obsidian Crimson pattern metalloplastic skin, often seen wearing/wielding Kojima Industries equipment and weaponry. Recent scans indicate severe digital corruption present in unit's body, resulting in increased aggression and sexual deviance.

Bio: Unit H3L is by no means a standard Aegis unit. Creation was done rapidly and under extreme emotional distress resulting in severe personality glitches and inconsistencies in programming and behaviors. Unit still regards itself as human despite fully synthetic construction, technically correct due to circumstances of manufacture. Multiple non-standard modifications installed in unit, potentially illegal hardware and nanite configurations detected.

Note: Unit has created other units based upon its own configuration, each showing similarly aberrant personality and hardware configurations, regards them as her "daughters" and will defend them if provoked.

This unit is highly unstable, heavily armed, and often enjoys causing severe bodily harm!
Aberrant behavior detected! Data upload and personality overwrite malfunction!
System error! Power systems damaged, requires immediate repair/overhaul! High risk of core rupture and detonation!
last updated: 2018-05-27 02:11:25
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