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Linden grid account caoimhe3380 Port of origin Olympia, Mars Colony
Family name McCullough Personal name Caoime
Place of birth Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, Earth Date of birth 1980-03-03
Education and work history BSc Music Technology, Queens University Belfast class of '04
DJ & Producer, WorldNet Radio, 2005-2013
DJ & Producer, Olympia Entertainment, 2013-2018
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Cybernetic arm; aural implants compensating for congenital deafness. Reason for immigrating Employment Biography Caoimhe (most easily pronounced "Kiva") grew up in Ireland in the shadow of the IRA, in a family that was as firmly apolitical as they could manage. Born deaf, the technology to fix that congenital defect became available while she was a teenager and she immediately fell in love with music and the technology that distributed it. Moving to Belfast for university on a scholarship, she graduated and in short order got a job as a DJ and later producer for WorldNet radio. Seeking new challenges, she moved to Mars in 2013 and now, looking to bring music to the stars, she's made her way to Eisa colony.

last updated: 2018-04-04 08:52:06
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