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Linden grid account g81351161 Port of origin Manifold
Family name Shaper Personal name Jean
Place of birth New Orleans, USA, Earth Date of birth 2006-05-17
Education and work history Work history:
2009-2015: Acted as a terraforming technician on the Manifold Preparation Project.

2008-2009: General Genetics enhanced education program, covering terraforming and agriculture-related subjects.
Genetic modifications General Genetics Agriculture and Terraforming ELF package. (Equinoid features, pink hair and fur) Synthetic modifications Autoinjector implant, Vehicle Control Rig, spinal data jacks, wireless transceiver "horn", dual permanent HUD mounts Reason for immigrating Didn't have anywhere better to go Biography I was created by General Genetics in 2008, for use in terraforming Manifold, and preparing it for colonization.  While en route to Manifold, I was given all the standard injected knowledge, as well as obedience training.  I worked for several years on that, right up until a couple of months ago, when my brothers and sisters and I got told that General Genetics had lost some court case and weren't allowed to keep us as property anymore, so we had to quit working for them, and quit living in their housing.  I stuck around longer than most of my brothers and sisters, but since I wasn't allowed to work anymore, and General Genetics was pulling out of Manifold, I traded everything I could get my hands on for a trip on the next trade ship, which carried me to Eisa.

Jean was originally a human woman, born in 1989, who, through a series of blunders, ended up homeless and on the streets of New Orleans when she was 18, in 2007.  That same year, General Genetics was ramping up their attempt to compete with Nanite Systems and other robotics corporations, using engineered humanoids for commercial terraforming and colonization of recently settled worlds.  They couldn't keep up with demand, though, by growing their engineered life forms from scratch, so some of the shadier minds at the company decided they could make up the shortfall by abducting homeless people, transforming them, and wiping out most of their memories.  Jean was one of those victims, taken toward the end of 2007 and worked on until they called her done in mid 2008. 
What General Genetics was doing was discovered in 2014, and in 2015, after a fairly thorough trial process, they were forced by the courts to emancipate all of their ELFs and pay fines so large they nearly bankrupt the company, forcing them to pull out of several of the terraforming projects they were a part of, including Manifold.
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