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Linden grid account mizzlin Port of origin Mars!
Family name Kavlov Personal name Edith Middle name(s) Brathada
Affiliated organization Mars Genetics Research facility
Place of birth Colonia-2, Utopia, Mars Date of birth 1984/1/4
Education and work history High school through masters degree in genetics in college. Genetic modifications Looks like a blue cat? Reason for immigrating Business. Biography Having a long prosperous life as a bio engineer, Edith has always wanted to be a splicer, to advanced the human race through the science of genetic alteration. She then was unaware of an unforeseen accident that had changed her life forever. It however to her, was rather a good thing, she was more physically adept and fit for daily routines only before she noticed prior to the incident, she wasn't as able. Today she goes about showing the world the betterment of gene splicing even if 'terrible' science accidents occur!
last updated: 2018-04-05 14:18:48
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