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Linden grid account fox.frenzy Port of origin Mars
Family name Volkov Personal name Skarkov Middle name(s) Vladimir
Affiliated organization NanoSec
Place of birth Elysium, Mars Date of birth 1988-11-24
Education and work history High School graduate, Joined the Martian military as soon as she had the chance. Genetic modifications Genetics of a Timber wolf Reason for immigrating Joint task force reassignment Biography After she had joined the military, Mars funded a program to make super soldiers, increasing senses, speed, strength and the like. Skar signed up at the first chance she got, hearing about being payed and a way to do something better for the army she was in. Her government took expensive risks that payed off in the end to further  develop non-human soldiers into the midst of military or security life. She then heard she must join in a task force of Nanosec in a way to secure what the colony insists on keeping safe.
last updated: 2018-04-07 18:38:30
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