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Linden grid account mirasuko Port of origin Earth
Family name Hatsane Personal name Mirazuko Middle name(s) T
Affiliated organization Former US Military R+D
Place of birth Fukuoka, Japan, Earth Date of birth 1977-10-11
Education and work history Education
St Mary's School for Girls [ 1983 - 1992]
Edison Poly-tech High School  [1992 - 1996]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  [1996 -2004] (Graduated as a Doctor of Science and D.Eng)
Barnard Military College  (USAF) [2004-2005]

Previous Employment
Spanky's Mudhole  [1996 - 1997]  (Bartender and Stripper)
Lo-Fi Computer Systems [1997-2003] (Lead Repair Technician)
United States Air Force  [2004-2006] (Military Police)
US Military Research and Development [2006-2016] *Classified*
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Synthetic Knee joint Reason for immigrating Possible employment and medical conversion due to necessity Biography Born in Fukuoka, Japan to an American Service woman, Christina Hatsune and her Japanese husband, Kirito Hansune, Mirazuko was brought to the United States at a young age after her mother's tour of duty was over. Mirazuko had quite the intellect, and the curiosity to go along with that. When she was 4, she had dissembled the family's VCR  and TV to see how they worked.

Mirazuko (or Mira for short) was an exceptional student, excelling at her studies and graduation with honors. During College, Mira studied at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, were she graduated as a doctor of Science (ScD) as well as her doctorate in engineering. Mira decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother, and join the USAF after college, were she was assigned to the Military police due to her impressive reasoning skills and marksman ship skills. Once vested in the Air Force, she finally was able to achieve her dream, working in Military R+D. However her illustrious career had come to a screeching halt 10 years later when she was exposed to an experimental chemical, know only as Redrum. (all information on project Redrum is classified) She was forced against her will into retirement, and for the last few years had been working on ways to undo the damage caused by this chemical, At this point, Mira has (at most optimistic outcome) approximately 6 months to live before organic tissue damage becomes so severe that Mira passes away .
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