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Linden grid account fox.frenzy Port of origin Earth
Family name Zerg Personal name Lillian
Affiliated organization Cyber-gen Corporation.
Place of birth Berlin Germany Earth Date of birth 1978-4-1
Education and work history Graduated  from the worlds first Gene splicing college in Germany. Genetic modifications Sharpened teeth, regenerative factors, lizard like appearance as well as a thick leathery hide. Reason for immigrating Business / Research. Biography A firm believer in the progress of evolution Dr. Lillian Zerg progressed beyond that of a normal human, a splice of some weird  genetic breakthrough with that of examples like dark vision and a thick hide with regenerative factors such as self healing cognitive as well as limb regeneration. Her vision took an extensive loan but she had well made up for it due to her breakthroughs in the science of splicing. After that her journey extended elsewhere in the mind of  robotic progression, taking extensive time to research the best location for the science around it. her eyes caught Eisa with their problems with robotic progression and is an extreme advocate for robotic rights for AI with their own thoughts and feelings. This was a perfect moment to take her chances else where like she did with self splicing.
last updated: 2018-04-16 17:18:20
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