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Linden grid account nelicia Port of origin Earth
Family name Kit Personal name Miaka
Place of birth Tei Tenga Date of birth 1991-04-15
Education and work history Military and special forces training.
College level brain achieved from before she was made into a cyborg for military purposes
Genetic modifications all mechanical body, brain left intact Synthetic modifications Japanese influinced chassis/exterior Reason for immigrating work Biography Miaka is a recently dismissed aegis military cyborg, recently dismissed from duty (honorable) on her home planet, she follows orders given that have to do with mission at hand. She is currently looking for work as a military unit again at eisa, as either another battle unit, or a medical unit, whichever is more needed. She tends to ignore any sexual requests unless it is manditory for a mission. Her current owner purchased her from a auction that specialized in the reselling of retired/outdated units. Her owner seen something special in her that the other units just didn't have, and they could be right. Her chassis is lightweight and moves around with agility, and precision to execute her battlefield duties, but just so happened that "new models" were released/required for the military on her planet.
last updated: 2018-05-07 12:46:24
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