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Linden grid account ponylover1337 Port of origin Eisa
Name Doll Cottonshy Model dax/3 Serial number 998-02-5183
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Digital Courtesan Program
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2018/05/10
Biography Born originally as a human once named Selena Petrov, an lower class human found herself mining at the age of 16. My father and mother were apart of the mining group ordered by Yuri Andropov. They had concieved me here on the moon of Eisa, where as a little girl, I got very interested in animals and one in particular lynx. I always wandered to myself "wouldn't it be amazing if I were to become one".
One day my father came home talking about this new development that his boss had started to talk about once the USSR started to fall apart, and become what we know know Soviet Russia. Sadly my happiness turned to tears one fateful day as my parents were working deep within one of the mines and a horrible flood broke out, killing both of them in the process. 
As you could imagine this  left me devestated and I fell into a bit of depression until, I found out about a childrens show. This childrens show I managed to get was called "My Little Pony". It is there where I became fond of the ponies and the morals to their stories.
After My mom and dad had passed I decided to keep myself from crying and work in the mines a little more and earn enough money to learn about anthropromorphiclly enhanching me as a lynx.  This is where I learned about the black market. Now at the time I was naive and did not know what the black market was all about. I was so hell bent on wanting to make this operation become a reality. So I contacted a really nice user whose name had too many numbers to remember in it, where he told me he could make this happen but I would have to make up another name for myself in the meantime. What my naive self did was complied and made up the name Cottonshy based on my fond memories of My Little Pony and its likeness. So That is what I told this person over the internet, so they replied these following words "Selena Petrov as of now and after our next meeting you will be known as Cottonshy". After that he gave me details on where to meet him and how I should pay him, to which I complied and payed him the money required.
We met at a place in Eisa I had never seen before like the outskirts or something. When we did meet he sat me down on a makeshift picnic area which to me was a bit strange, but then I though me being naive, I thought what a gentleman. He started to explain what is going to happen and what to expect with this operation.
After that he gestured me to take a sip of my drink that he had layed before me. Me being naive Selena Petrov thought well alright one sip couldnt hurt could it? So I took a sip.
After that sip mind went completly numb and blank like I was not myself. The next thing I knew I had been woken up by machine whirring and sparks flying from my chest. I was thinking to myself what f%$# just happened, was I just drugged.
I tried to get up but could not due to me being weighted down by something attached to my back. I noticed something in the corner of my eye and it almost looked like it said booting sequence activaated cortex booting, ect. I had thought to myself before something overpowered my mind is that what I think it is.
After that happened my mind went blank again and I awoke to me being what I wanted to be in the first place, but something was off and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Ever since, I have been re learning things like I was a child again and still am. I do know one thing my name is Cottonshy, Im genetically altered humanoid lynx and this is my story thus far
last updated: 2018-05-28 19:48:17
dax/3 Doll Cottonshy
posted 6 years ago ยท last updated 6 years ago
dax/3 Doll Cottonshy
posted 6 years ago
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