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Linden grid account simonefaerber Port of origin Earth, Germany
Family name Faerber Personal name Simone Middle name(s) Rae
Affiliated organization University of Colonge
Place of birth Giessen, Germany, Earth Date of birth 1986-05-03
Education and work history PhD in Robotic Design from MIT (2001)
Mondfeld Technology Group (2003-2015) - Special order robot chassis manufacture, in 2009 took technical lead on the SRA-01 project (project ended in 2014)
University of Colonge (2014 - present) - Researcher/teacher with Advanced Robotics Systems lab
Genetic modifications None currently Synthetic modifications None currently Reason for immigrating Research projects Biography Dr. Simone Faerner travels between Eisa and Earth to manage long term research testing on a prototype cortex installed in the 's3ra' unit.  Beyond that, she is hoping to foster a greater interest in the academic possibilities of robotic intelligence with varied members of the local populace.
last updated: 2018-06-02 17:58:36
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