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Linden grid account linnefer Port of origin the Moon
Family name de la Paz Personal name Kekee
Affiliated organization LuNoHo Company
Place of birth Old Dome, the Moon Date of birth 2010-07-15
Education and work history Secretary for LuNoHo Co (2013-2018)
Lab assistant for LuNoHo Co (2013-2018)

Promoted to Company Liason 2018
Genetic modifications rapid aging treatement, extensive gene splicing of Vulpes Zerda Reason for immigrating Company Liason Biography Born in a LuNoHo Company lab on the Moon from an artificial womb as 'proof of ability' for extensive pre-birth genetic modification by this laboratory. No heritage citizenship from Earth was acquired for there has been no formal mother. Instead, granted an interim, non-recognized 'Corporate Citizenship' combined with a service/work contract, to be worked off for 10 years.

She entered the Laboratory work group as a secretary & lab assistant in 2013. Due to  rapid aging genetics, she reached maturity by 2015.

After concluding the experiments in mid 2018, she was promoted to be a company liason and transferred to Eisa to "establish ties".

Insurance contract wth LuNoHo Company establishs ownership of her corpse and products made from it to be by default LuNoHo Co. Eventual fees and payments for processing are covered in the insurance.
last updated: 2018-07-07 15:19:08
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