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Linden grid account reivalyn Port of origin Earth
Family name Kasselar Personal name Reivalyn Middle name(s) Autumn
Affiliated organization University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Depart of Robotic Sciences
Place of birth Chicago, USA, Earth Date of birth 1994-09-23
Education and work history Previously I was in pursuit of a PhD in the field of Robotic Cognition under adviser Dr. Alania Orokva. My studies were interrupted due to the unexpected departure and disappearance of Dr. Orokva, and due to an apparent lack of supporting documentation regarding my studies to be filed by Dr. Orokva , the University was unable to accommodate my continued education under a different adviser.

Last year I applied for an internship position with Nanite Systems, though my application was denied at that time. In light of recent events with the interruption of my education, I have recently re-applied for an internship position with the hopes of getting my education and career back on track.

I am an ambitious individual with hopes to make a name for myself in the scientific community and lead the way with ground-breaking research in the field of Robotic Cognition.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Cybernetic eye-replacement due to medical condition Reason for immigrating Pursuit of internship with Nanite Systems, or other opportunity surrounding the scientific field of Robotic Cognition. Biography I've grown up in the mid-west of the United States with my parents telling me that I can be anything that I choose to be.

Growing up I was fascinated by robots and the rapid advancements made within even just my lifetime. There was no question for me what I would study and what my career would be. Even though I wasn't a top student in my classes, I studied hard in order to keep up.

Now, I'm determined to make a name for myself. I'm ambitious and eager to find opportunities to advance my career.
last updated: 2018-07-31 23:08:52
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
Please provide us a picture of your character in your application.
Reivalyn Kasselar
posted 5 years ago
Hi, thanks for taking a look at my application. I did provide the URL https://imgur.com/a/JSxUGaO in the photograph field of my application, but the web page says "No image on file".

Reivalyn Kasselar
posted 5 years ago
Updated my application with corrected URL.
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