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Linden grid account nsr562 Port of origin USA, Earth, Milky Way Galaxy
Family name Personal name Thurisaz
Place of birth Seattle, USA, Earth Date of birth 2000/10/23
Education and work history Attended prestigious private schools around the United States up until halfway through her freshman year of high school (further details on this in biography).

Has around 2 years of experience in combat, mostly without the use of external weapons.
Synthetic modifications Complete body transformation to machine, retains human brain. Reason for immigrating Wanting a real place to call home. Biography Born into a wealthy family.  Attempted suicide at 15 due to familial issues. Mother was a highly skilled doctor, father was a robotics engineer. Life saved by mechanical reconstruction of the entire neck. Parents decided to use her as a secret project, to "give her a new purpose". Thurisaz continually tried to end her own life and destroy herself, parents would reconstruct any part of her she injured badly enough. Eventually became stronger as machine than she ever was as a human, and escaped their lab they kept her in. Fled to Europe and traveled for a year before deciding to leave Earth at 18, her current age.

Thurisaz identifies as a full robotic being, despite technically being a cyborg. Chassis can appear as human or humanoid machine. She prefers to retain a youthful stature, as a way to remember how her transformation began. Personality is generally an energetic sort of brooding.  Ready and extremely willing to fight at a moment's notice. Hopes to become a mercenary or soldier, or any job that allows her to fight. Does not disregard weapons but prefers not to use them.
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Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
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