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Linden grid account sturbanger Port of origin Kennedy Space Center
Family name Xaris Personal name Retsuko Middle name(s) Verron
Affiliated organization Takakura Foundation
Place of birth Earth Date of birth 1995-12-25
Education and work history College dropout
worked several  security jobs involving  firearms
worked in a deli
Synthetic modifications full-body prosthetic Reason for immigrating wanted a change of scenery Biography Retsuko Xaris wasn't always like this. She was born a decently wealthy man on earth but ran afoul of a richer and powerful woman. On the run, she considered getting a full body prosthetic to disappear from her but unbeknownst to Retsuko at the time, she already thought ahead and arranged different plans.  Now she's stuck in a very feminine body, unsure of what happened to her original one and very sure there's been some sort of conversion, due to the dax unit on her back.

A few days after the incident,upon finding a seam right down the middle of her face, she got the idea to open it up just to see what was exactly inside. Inside was a brain, encased in what seemed to be glass connected to a small cpu by the looks of it. Sealing everything up again, she smiled. At least there was still a part of her that's human
last updated: 2022-04-05 13:39:36
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
Please do fill out your form with the requested information:

Do I have to play a human or robot?
No, but you have to be born as a human. Details are explained below:

It has only been possible to freely modify the DNA of humans and animals after birth since 2006 (the last 12 years).
It has only been possible to freely modify the DNA of animals at the time of fertilization since 2003 (the last 15 years). Accelerated ageing is possible.
Consequently, furry characters are strongly encouraged to have been born as human. Genetic engineering is expensive, like in real life, so be prepared to come up with a good reason as to why or how you or someone else could afford your alterations. Both types of furry may attract various stigmas, ranging from "gee, you're an eccentric person for turning yourself into a half-worm half-person" to "what sort of sick f*ck would give an animal the ability to think and talk like a person?"

Bioroids and sapientized animals. Ownership of animals engineered to have the intelligence of a human, or of humans that have been genetically modified, is quite illegal on Eisa. This may not be the case on other colonies which are not so heavily under the jurisdiction of the United States government. Indentured servitude may be another matter.
Elf ears? No problem. Horns? Fine. Tails? Sure. Wings? Okay. Just make sure you know how were able to afford so much plastic surgery. For everything else, see below.
Retsuko Xaris
posted 5 years ago · last updated 5 years ago
so, what you're saying is, now that i'm kind of a robot now, i should just go in the robot application side?
sorry, bit dumb
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
Question is. Is your brain organic (Like human brain) or is it purely a computer? If the answer is organic, then yes you can keep this application. if your computer is a computer then you should create a application for robots.
Retsuko Xaris
posted 5 years ago · last updated 5 years ago
my brain is, as far as i know, still organic. The only parts that arent are the eyes, one missing a focusing lens
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
Then it's considered as human. That's why the changes are required on the application.
Retsuko Xaris
posted 5 years ago
okay then
*goes to edit*
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