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Linden grid account mortus.allen Port of origin Elysium, Mars
Family name Eclipse Personal name Mortus Middle name(s) Thomas
Affiliated organization Phoenix Technology Research Corperation
Place of birth Unlisted Date of birth 1978-08-11
Education and work history Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Cyber-ocular prosthesis (Both eyes.) Reason for immigrating To establish relations and presence with Eisa Colony on the behalf of Phoenix Technologies Research Corporation. Biography Though unremarkable growing up, Mortus, however, took an interest in technology. Often looking at present technology and those presented in science fiction and thinking it could have been done, or done better. Eventually, his ideas and attempts at hacked together devices drew the attention of other like-minded and skilled people. His vision and those it gathered formed the basis of Phoenix Technologies Research Corporation which began to show rapid growth, though not unusual to technology companies of its time. Mortus and the original core members instilled a philosophy of just because the technology works, does not mean it's right early on and he maintains true to this in any significant projects he runs. Even remaining a guiding influence of the company, Mortus was never really CEO or upper management material, instead opting for project management positions, most recently Mortus was assigned the title of Eisa Sector Manager.

Being hands-on with his projects Mortus has encountered some industrial accidents requiring cybernetic reconstructive surgeries. An electrical arch caught him in the face damaging his eyes and optic nerves, being unable to repair the damage his eyes, the sophisticated cybernetic replacements were implanted. These implants are controlled by C.N.I. or Cyber Neural Interface located near the base of his skull, which was designed merely to interpret signals between connected regions of his brain and his prosthetic.
last updated: 2024-01-28 23:58:26
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
We require MUCH more information in your biography
Mortus Eclipse
posted 5 years ago
More information will likely come soon.
Mortus Eclipse
posted 5 years ago
Added significantly to the bio. Not complete however feedback would be welcomed.
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