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Linden grid account lizzierose98 Port of origin Eisa
Name Lizzie Model Scout Serial number 115-89-7271
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer NS Date of manufacture 2018/10/11
Biography Lizzie Rose or as she was called on Hellas, "The Bloody Rose" Had a nack as an Infiltrator/assassin  for the rebels to cause the bloodiest kills or leaving a hit like a tornado hit it. Always returning with her victoms blood on her as a sign of completion.

Considering the technology had nearly eliminated the concept of death on the battle fields, as anything could be replaced with rumors of human conversion into gynoids. She would tend to take alot of risk for the reward of the kill or kills.

It was one of these risk that caused her to become a gynoid, they was warn there was a leak & to hold off on taking any risk, why this was going on. She couldn't help herself and was already out in the field for a high profile target.

Moving in to take the chance against the terraformers ceo  before it was gone too late, little did she know he knew she was coming. Before she knew it she was hit several times from unknown positions. Leaving her left for dead and his security to find her.

Becoming unconscious from the blood lost & being discovered by his men, she was disarmed & strip of all her gear. Placed in front of him unconscious & bleeding out. Being awoken as they tazed her awake, coughing up blood. All she could think about is why she didn't listen.

Barely able to stay conscious, he order the men to hold her up to discover he liked how she looked and order the men to knock her out again. Little did she know that be the last thing she see of her previous life.

Her target had contacts with Nanite Systems who worked with many people on both sides of many conflicts, but he didn't want a weapon. He wanted her as a gynoid, a personal body gaurd & sex slave. Having her body sent to Eisa where they declared her dead, wiping her memory but not before placing it into a memory cube.

Shipping the cube back for him to hang on too. Taking her mind & placing it into a gynoid body and fitting it with a Scout controller . Now left on Eisa as a gynoid courtesan in training.
last updated: 2018-10-16 19:34:03
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago · last updated 5 years ago
Please provide us a picture of your character in your application.
Scout Lizzie
posted 5 years ago · last updated 5 years ago
The link should work I posted it in Photograph, just tried it again https://imgur.com/a/deFADJS Oh I see I needed to give a direct link instead. Sorry
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