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Linden grid account alprunty Port of origin Classified by US Government
Name i0n Model NS-478x Serial number 478-18-6365
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization United States Government
Manufacturer Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( DARPA ) Date of manufacture 2018-07-04
Reason for immigrating To Expand Programming Biography Most of i0n's history is classified, all details about it's past human existence have been redacted.  Nobody knows the previous human name of the unit .  Unit's biological source material was from a highly trained under cover government operative.  i0n's cover was an attractive celebrity musician / DJ who performed for the masses.  He was also a model and very well known in the fashion industry.  However his cover was blown and he was exposed for the government operative... he was gravely injured, but still valuable to the government. 

The body clung to life, but the brain was too damaged so it was transported to a classified government facility where it was altered and repaired... ultimately converted into NS Unit 115-18-6365.  It's chassis is a shape shifter programed to only form realistic human appearances.  It has been made even more attractive than it previously was.  It's expertise is infiltration and observation hence it's callsign i0n (Eye On).  It is still used in the fashion industry to move intelligence across the grid discretely. 

Its linguistic database has been extensively altered to speak like a human.  It is programmed and permitted to use contractions and refer to itself as an "I" when among the public.  In formal situations it will behave and act like any other unit.  To the untrained eye, i0n will pass as human.

The US Government has to obscure this asset and some felt that it may be valuable to Nanite Systems and Eisa.  It is loaning i0n to the colony on a long-term basis under the agreement that it may never be dismantled.  With it's military and tactical background it is the perfect unit to use as a development platform for future military / government security use.  It is being relocated to Eisa in order to beta test enhanced ATOS/E software.  Eisa and Nanotech are encouraged to use it's capabilities to protect the Untied State's interests in the company and colony. 

The i0n unit is amazingly devoted to anyone it is assigned to protect.  It act's natural and more like a companion until it has to use force.  It is amazingly reserved and kind, but will follow the Olympus Revision 2 mandates if necessary.  It is recommended that this android be used for bodyguard, law enforcement or a candidate for Nanosec.  Full control of this unit turned over to Eisa.

08 Aug 2020 Unit was updated to the newer faster Revenant processor.  Unit is active now as a male Digital Courtesan.

REDACTED INFORMATION FOR HIGHER LEVEL EISA AUTHORITIES:  The biological source material of this unit was formerly the son of a high ranking government official.  Outside of it's duties assigned it is not to be dismantled or harmed in any way.

last updated: 2020-09-14 15:22:17
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 5 years ago
Please provide us a picture of your character in your application.
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There finally got it to work.
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