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Linden grid account satyia.infinity Port of origin Earth
Family name Infinity Personal name Satyia
Affiliated organization Infinity Systems
Place of birth Jackson, Michigan, Earth Date of birth 1984-08-23
Education and work history Genetic modifications Human ears genetically modified to look elven in appearance Synthetic modifications Spine, right eye, and heart functions all replaced by cybernetic parts for medical reasons. Cybernetic ears. Reason for immigrating Anti cyborg sentiments on Earth Biography As a professional adult entertainer, Satyia had an interest in robotics, and advanced artificial intelligence.  Seeing that her industry was being invaded by gynoids, she didn't rail against it. She embraced it, and began learning how to repair them, how to program them, and how to build them.

Whilst working in her research lab, an accident occurred. The resulting explosion severed her spine below the shoulder blades, and destroyed her heart. Shrapnel entered her right eye, but thankfully did not reach her brain. With her dying breath, she reached for a controller and started the conversion process, and passed out.

Waking much later, she found that she had a prompt hovering in her vision, via her computerized glasses. "Medical repairs complete. Spinal injury, repaired. Ocular injury, repaired. Central circulatory system beyond repair. Functions taken over by controller 205-54-7928. Warning! Do not remove installed uRTG power core! This body now requires power to sustain vital functions. Human brain detected. Do you wish to convert?"  She promptly hit 'No'.

She went about her day job for several weeks, talking to patrons, talking to clients, the usual, when travelling home one day she found an Anti-Cyborg protest.  Glad that her coat hid her spine, she looked into places to go that wouldn't shun her now that she had changed.

After some research on the internet, she determined that under United States law, she was still considered human.  All she knew at that point was that she didn't want to stay on Earth. The planet was famous for it's racial tensions, she didn't want to stick around to find out how they would be towards cyborgs.

With no idea of where to go, she traveled to Eisa, hoping to find acceptance. Find out more of just what she is now.

It is now 2020, and many changes have happened in her life. She founded a repair and research company named "Infinity Systems" and took over ownership of a few gynoids, either purchasing them, or claiming them under salvage rights, or in a few cases, building them herself. Infinity Systems has set up it's headquarters on a small planetoid near Proxima Centauri, far away from common shipping lanes and FTL corridors.

She currently spends a majority of her time roaming the galaxy, salvaging or obtaining materials to further her research, and to fund it.

===== Equipment =====
Cybernetic right eye. Provides HUD for basic computer usage.
Artificial, external spinal implant, also controls circulatory system, and houses the uRTG power source for cybernetic enhancements.

==== Physical Armor ====
Subdermal nano wiring, capable of projecting a light shield in response to damage, or at willful activation. Also provides light body armor. (25 extra health under ATOS/E)  Can be seen under the right lighting conditions.
==== Primary Weapons ====
Often carries a collapsible bow as well as a katana.
==== Misc Equipment ====
Almost always has a padd, or other personal computing device.
===== Skills & Abilities ======
Basic Gynoid Repair
Advanced Gynoid Repair
Gynoid engineering, building, and development.

==== Mental Abilities ====
Above normal Human average intelligence
==== Physical Abilities ====
Human average, athletic body.
==== Regular Skills ====
Dancing, escorting, writing.

=====Units Owned Currently=====
k3ra, m0rrigan, shr1el, v3rusha, h4nnah

** units denoted on the same line are played by the same SL account **

last updated: 2020-04-12 15:59:33
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 4 years ago
Please provide us a picture of your character in your application.
Satyia Infinity
posted 4 years ago
Apologies Hanako, the imgur link didn't go directly to the jpg the first time.
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