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Linden grid account kristinebathory Port of origin O'Hare International Space Port
Family name Bathory Personal name Azshara Middle name(s) Kristine
Affiliated organization None At This Time
Place of birth Seattle Wa, United States, Earth Date of birth 1981-08-17
Education and work history Education:
Broadview-Thomson Elementary
Ballard High School
West Point Military Academy - Major: Defence & Strategic Studies
                                                                  -Minors: Terrorism Studies, Cyber Security

Work History:
Private Security for The Boeing Company
Private Military for Academi (Formerly Blackwater)
Private Intelligence Operative for GK Sierra
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Full body replacement with the NS-476 Aegis, recently replaced with a oXq.205.4i Relic Controller. Reason for immigrating To pursue new opportunities, explore, and to have a fresh start. Biography I came from a very rich family as my father was Vice president of a very well known Corporation in Seattle. From the time I was 8 my mother was pushing me into the world of fashion and modeling. By the time I was 18 I landed a job as a model for a car company.  However my true calling was Combat. My parents were dissapointed but supportive of my choice and I attended University at West Point. At 24 after graduating I acquired a job at The Boeing Co. as a private security officer. At 26 I received an offer to work for Academi (Formerly Blackwater). I was deployed overseas for a year and upon return received an offer from GK Sierra working as an intelligence Operative. We gathered intel for local governments and also the Cia and other Institutions. In the later of 36 I was Involved in a terrorism incident. My body was mutilated in the event and my father intervened. After months of work my brain was transplanted into a new synthetic body and a  NS-476 Aegis (recently replaced with a oXq.205.4i Relic Controller). After a year of recovery and training I decided to leave Earth and explore new opportunities.
last updated: 2019-07-22 21:31:43
Azshara Bathory
posted 4 years ago
I look forward to Roleplaying in this community! I love the system and the environment!
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 4 years ago
Judging from your profile you are a Robot more than a human
Azshara Bathory
posted 4 years ago
My full brain is intact therefore I am a cyborg. At least that is what I am to understand :)
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 4 years ago
This is purely OOC

But you are accepted as a cyborg if your character is an unit in the otherhand let me know.
Azshara Bathory
posted 4 years ago
Ok thank you. No she is a cyborg hehe. No desire to be a full unit. I look forward to when the sim opens again. I love the story and setting!
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