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Linden grid account jane.sorrowman
Family name Infinity Personal name Jane
Affiliated organization Infinity Systems
Place of birth Deep Space Date of birth
Education and work history Has a Highschool Education with some additional stuff learned afterwards in the field
Spent time as a hired gun
Genetic modifications Been Genetically Modified to be more Feline, Kitty ears and Tail as well as claws Synthetic modifications Eyes, handles, bone structure, muscles, vocals, Flame aura generated by nanites, power cell, and controller Biography Jane doesn't really remember much of her younger years, She couldn't even begin to explain where her modifications originated or anything. She has been drifting around for awhile and taking on what jobs she could or needed to to get money or get by. She has currently found herself submitting to Satyia Infinity and working at Infinity Systems as Security and other things.
last updated: 2020-07-23 10:42:49
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 3 years ago
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