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Linden grid account umbraxi Port of origin Eisa
Family name Snow Personal name Axel
Affiliated organization N/a
Place of birth Eisa Date of birth 1994 09 15
Education and work history Trained by soviet militia
Bounty hunter
Synthetic modifications Enhanced limbs via cybernetic implants, "Cryojax" implants, Lovebot enhancements Reason for immigrating Searching for a certain space pirate and a new purpose Biography Axel Snow is the rebellious run away son of a soviet commander. Although he was always proficient and good at what he was trained to do, he felt empty in his current position. Wanting to be free of the military lifestyle Axel enjoyed some years exploring the solar system as most vagrants do; taking up shady jobs and deals. His time of space chaos came to a brief stop when he accepted the wrong bounty. Axel was captured by space pirates and forced to undergo enhancements to become their personal enjoyment toy. After spending a few months in captivity he was rescued by his father and his forces. It was recommended that he just stay home and live out the rest of his life in peace. But never a fan of mediocrity Axel was not going to take this lying down, capitalizing off the new hardware in his body he began installing more potent body mods and stole some of his fathers secret research on a substance called Cryojax. Cryojax is a formula of liquid nitrogen that has been modified to extremes, contact with this substance without proper precautions will result in living tissue rapidly freezing. Cryojax is an extremely dangerous weapon in  the right hands, able to even push metals to their freezing point.  Armed now with crojax launchers in his wrists Axel went out and found a few of the pirates that captured him, leaving them as frozen smashed statues. His search continues for the captain of the pirates as he searches for his purpose in the system.
last updated: 2021-11-10 12:33:18
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted 2 years ago
Needs a profile picture to be accepted.
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