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Linden grid account her.enchantment Port of origin Rhea
Family name N/A Personal name Karnetta
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Operations NSO
Place of birth Unknown, Earth Date of birth 1930-05-03
Education and work history No record of life before NSO possession Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Full conversion cortex suspension laboratory robotics chassis recognized industry living contract personal cyborg Reason for immigrating Relations and corp prospect, research division transfer Biography Underground tech crime captive stripped of their organics for system biocomputer use in black market of dark research. Programmed to serve the twisted world of conquest and progress with no regard for anything else. Most of their body removed hooked into mechanical life support, recovering committee could not conclude appearing gender as communication only in the parameters set in the bio farm.
NSO rescued these tests captives and rehabilitated them putting into programs. Drone care then augment tech surgeon researcher in creating new soldiers and other forms of tampered perversions they gained status. As of late referring to itself as her, she started taking on more corporate matters putting risk on her and not her new home and keepers. Rebuilt by Nanite Systems Corporate for agency and duty, organics past expiry but has progressed projects further then expected.

Robotic mercenary operations sector distributor of remote units and security services, top specialist in transfer to organics to robotics hardware.
Her own affairs and personal sector of agents for cultivating progress plans of her desired future also achieve new patents for general science breakthroughs
last updated: 2022-08-15 07:59:52
Hanna-Maria "Hanako" Kuusisto
posted a year ago
we demand a picture of your avatar
Karnetta N/A
posted a year ago
Been updated, I hope I am not required to complete a new submission
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