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Linden grid account nyabloody Port of origin Elysium, Mars
Name Aetheria Model oXq.205.8i Artifact Serial number 205-86-2283
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Aetheria Temple
Manufacturer Unknown Date of manufacture Unknown
Reason for immigrating Discovering the colony Biography Little is known about this unit beside she was found on Mars by a Russian scientific expedition some years ago.
When the scientists asked what model is she and where does she come from she naturaly answered in their native language:

"Privet! YA issledovatel'skaya yedinitsa. YA prishel so zvezd. Kto ty?" (Hi! I'm an exploration unit. I came from the stars. Who are you?)

The scientists were very curious about their new discovery but they wanted to keep it secret.
So they bring her on their science outpost and started to study her.
She mysteriously vanished from Mars after an incident.
Then she traveled to Eisa for a time and found some interesting people and units on the colony.
She met a curious scientist called Dr. Vostoff coming from a brand new corporation.
Some data about her model and technology were finally discovered by that scientist.
Those research are classified on the Aetheria Temple Corporation servers now.

> Horns, tail and wings are made of hardlight.
> Horns and tail were considered purely decorative until later research proven they were actual useful devices for the unit.
> There is a whole sensors network running through all her synthetic skin.
> No trace of biological existence has been found. She seems to be a fully synthetic and powered with an advanced AI.
> Some parts of the her looks very advanced like she was made with various experimental prototypes devices.
> She seems to have emotions and feelings.
> Her main color is purple (and she really like it) but also seems to indicate differents states of her system using a color scheme. Her secondary color is cyan.
> Her body is fit and she is a bit taller than average for a gynoid.
> There is not enough evidences if she is a threat but she has a liquid reactive armor and shown some "military" tactical moves during exploration.
> Controller model seems based on the Sontavo devices made by the Military College of Archiva.
> Chassis model is not based on anything know yet.
> Her call sign is CSA/3 and told us the meaning is "Cyber Succubus Autonomous 3.0".
> She seems to be powered with a nuclear cell. Need extra caution if the unit is damaged.
> She seems to be able to charge from the sun. Her skin has "photovoltaic" capabilities.
> She can also be charged wirelessly but it does need a strong charger with EMI beyond acceptable.
> Need to charge often. Has some unusual high power consumption peak.
> Her system randomly shutdowns for unknown reasons.
> Has some security vulnerabilities that always come back even after multiple attempts to fix it.
last updated: 2023-11-14 11:21:12
Aurelia Vostoff
posted 3 months ago
Just saying but most of the specs data on this unit was found and written by me. Hower some parts of it are still a mystery to me. Further analyze would require a complete dissambly which I would prefer to avoid cause I'm not sure I would be able to assemble it back. I still don't know who created her neither when she was created.
oXq.205.8i Artifact Aetheria
posted 3 months ago
Testing your experimental weapons on me is already enough, no need to spread me into pieces all over your lab ehh...
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