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Linden grid account aureliavostoff Port of origin Svobodny Cosmodrome, Earth
Family name Vostoff Personal name Aurelia Middle name(s) Helena
Affiliated organization Aetheria Temple
Place of birth Volgograd, Russia, Earth Date of birth 1988-09-22
Education and work history System Administration and Maintenance (Graduated 2011 @ Volgograd State University, Russia, Earth)

AI Development and Analysis (Graduated 2014 @ University of Southern California, USA, Earth)

Robotic Engineer @ Black Mesa Research Center, USA, Earth (2015-2017)

IT Consultant @ Ivanovitch Technologies, Elysium, Mars (2018-2020)

SysAdmin, Robotic Engineer, Software Developper @ Aetheria Temple Corporation, Ascendance Station (since 2021)
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Neural chip prototype Reason for immigrating Looking for a side job Biography Aurelia is a brilliant, curious and innovative woman.

Her father was a veteran from the Soviet army and her mother a well know doctor in the city.

She obviously had outstanding results at school and got noticed by her teachers.

She was very confident in herself up until an incident happened at the Volgograd State University.

She still got her degree but ending up with a trauma.

Her father died in a tragic accident and at that point she decided to leave the country.

She continued her studies at the University of Southern California and then got a job at the Black Mesa Research Center.

But then the depression hit her again and she got forced to leave her job because she was doing dangerous experiments without approval.

After a lot of struggling and some vodka "sobering" drinks, she end up working on Mars.

She didn't really liked the job there but she really needed some money for her next destination, Eisa.

Unfortunately she returned to Russia after her mother got diagnostic with cancer.

She stayed next to her mother until she died from the cancer.

After that Aurelia was ruined mentally but something unexpected happened to her.

(to be continue...)
last updated: 2023-10-20 16:34:42
oXq.205.8i Artifact Aetheria
posted 3 months ago
She is a good human! A bit rude sometime but I still like her!
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