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Linden grid account brialette Port of origin Tokyo, Japan
Name Bria Model NF/3 Nightfall Serial number 409-23-3260
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization None
Manufacturer SORG Inc. (Security Organization Incorporated) Date of manufacture 2018-01-01
Reason for immigrating SORG Inc. reacquired Bria when her security lease ran out. They then sold all of their remaining products at auction a week later. While Bria was bid on, and paid for, the party responsible never came forward, and was unable to be located. SORG Inc. waited six months before declaring the sale incomplete as nobody came forward to sign for the purchase. The circumstances or reasons remain unknown. SORG Inc. chose to sell her to Nanite Systems on 2023-11-03 under the condition that they find her placement with a loving and caring woman, in a relationship context. While nobody was immediately available, the companies agreed that she'd make a good asset in many possible areas. As she was already paid for, SORG inc. was happy to place her with Nanite Systems. For reasons unknown, SORG Inc. closed its doors forever the day after the transaction. Biography On July 1st of 2017 Ban Manami contacted SORG Incorporated to requisition the leasing of a top end security robot for their newest business that would launch January 15th, 2018. They only wanted the latest technology with custom hardware and software that would keep their company, employees, and technology safe.

On July 7th,  2017 SORG Inc. had a meeting with Manami Inc. where the order was put together to manufacture a high-end security robot that would meet Ben Manami's demanding needs. SORG Incorporated's representative, Kurata Teruko, recommended a unique robot that was the only one of its kind in production.

BRIA, an advanced cyber-security, assault ready robot. Initial development focused on frontline security, but as Ben Manami continued to express his company's needs for all areas of security to be managed by this one robot who would also lead a team of other NS/3 Nightfall robots, it was clear that BRIA truly needed to be developed with the best tech possible. 

From July 15th through December of 2017 Bria was manufactured, with the process completing on New Years day, January 1st, 2018. Rigorous testing was completed with Bria through January 14th, where final tweaks were made before leasing her to Manami Inc.

Over the next five years Bria served Manami Inc. diligently and never let any security issues develop past stopping them in their tracks. She was dedicated and cared greatly for everyone's safety and the priorities of her programming made sure that she was always on top of everything that mattered.

Ben Manami left a glowing satisfaction survey for SORG Inc. as they returned Bria. They opted not to renew the lease as the company was just a short-term venture for them, and they had accomplished everything they had set out to do.

With no need of her services Bria returned to SORG Inc. on October1st 2023. She was put through the company's refreshing program where they fully analyzed her and made sure that all of her hardware and software were at optimal condition before approving her to be released with the rest of the products they were putting up for auction. They may have been planning to go out of business, but they did care what they released into the world with their name on it.

November 3rd, 2023 Bria arrived at Nanite Systems where some of her hardware and software was replaced with newer models and her immigration and customs forms were processed. She awaited approval to fully be a part of Nanite Systems Eisa, and their needs, while waiting for a home.

Bria - NF/3 Nightfall - 409-23-3260

Owner: None
Port of Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Authority: Nanite Systems

‣ Manufactured and owned by SORG Inc. January 1, 2018
‣ Leased to Manami Inc.: 2018 - 2023, Head of Security
‣ Sold to Nanite Systems: November 3, 2023*
      * Pending customs approval and company acquisition.
last updated: 2023-12-23 18:16:47
SXDjr g4latea
posted 3 months ago
Everything looks to be in order. Hanako?
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