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@Beacon Newsletter #2

Today's Agenda!

The cyber-meat of Saturday, December 9th

Alright, so what we've got is mostly just advances on the last @beacon. ARES v0.2.2 has dropped! If you're only a version or two behind please follow the instructions here to get your update! If you're further behind - Or don't want to follow instructions, just head to Eisa! Get your redelivery and enjoy being amongst the updated!

 Further following last news, the new SDK has dropped! For our endeavouring modders, package makers, and all that fun stuff- do head over to the Development Portal

Right, so we're looking at the end of December for the Beta of ARES. Fun, fun! With that, one I'm personally excited for is that we'll start getting those upgraded controllers out!

Of course, for those that enjoy Companion's TESI, we'll also be seeing ARES' Sexuality module dropping sometime around then, according to Nanite Systems! Otherwise that seems to be all we've got for this week!

6 months ago by CaineDCLXVI

last updated: 2023-12-10 18:30:44 ยท link
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