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@Beacon Newsletter #3

Today's Gifts!

December 23, the Holliday-tide

Wow, it's already Christmas! And jee, our friends over at NS have been working hard! Especially on one thing plenty of people have asked them, and us at the office about! ARESSexuality! That, and we're ever getting closer to Beta 1! I can smell those updated controllers around the corner of the new year! 

Right, on what we'll be getting with Sexuality... First off, it sounds like we're receiving a Masochism Mode! With this, any damage that registers through ATOS will also pleasure your Unit! Spicy, huh? For those who like cracking whips! With this, we'll also be getting brand-new sounds! No more stuffy TESI sounds, now we have Panting, Pain noises, and new voices! I do like the sound of that! And what's this? Orgasm triggers! Very lovely for those who wanna make their Units spurt like fountains. 

Seems just like Companion, Cryolube stores will have plenty of uses! Starting from there, we can drip when you're all hot and bothered, refilled with Cryolube... Of course, simple things! There's also the draining to go along. It also looks like we'll get the ability to keep track of contaminants! What kind? We've not been told yet! Maybe we'll get some sort of radioactive contaminants! Perhaps even you can fill your Unit with your favorite type of alcohol. What else...? Oh! We'll be getting "It's Not Mine!" compatibility. Just slap some of that seed onto your Unit's face when we get that Sexuality module, and they might just refill!

On other notes we'll also be getting a lovely suite of sensors and fun stuff for slapping, yanking, and other actions! Do you have an animation you want to have your Unit be aroused by? Well, you can set it up to do that! And for those who dreaded installing TESI, you'll be pleased to know Sexuality will have an Installer similar to its setup! 

Beta 1 To-Do's

Now, we've got some progress to wait on before we fully enter ARES Beta 1! Here's a little listing of that. Everyone's favorite way to receive new applications and scripts for their Unit, ARES Xanadu will be getting fixes to its package manager. Second, we'll be seeing new tutorials arriving for ARES! For those like me, your intrepid reporter, there'll be a golden way to help new Users learn how to make use of their NS Unit! Third, we'll be receiving even more work on Pre-Set Personas! Go take a look through those in the future, maybe you'll find some new sound fonts you like! Last but not least on our first list, ANav will be getting some utilities! Mostly stuff on the Admin side of it, though. 

We have, however, received an official order for the Upgraded Controller Roll-Out! Oh, I'm giddy just hearing it! Looks like we've got DAX/2mDAX/3mMesta (This one's personal favorite!), HephaestusScoutRelicDAX/2AideSXDjrXSUArtifactDAX/3AreciboAegisRevenant, and Nightfall! Wow, wonder how many people are excited about all that! I know I sure am. 

I have been informed to let everyone know that Limited Edition controllers will not be converted retroactively. I know, it sucks, but NS is the boss! We're just their lovely consumers! Howeveeeer! New Hunts in the following years may or may not include upgraded controllers! Alongside, we will be recieving conversion kits for you to slap onto old limited Companion controllers! 

Well. That's all I've got for you today folks! I hope you all have lovely holidays and look forward alongside me for NS's great future! Remember, have a Better Tomorrow!

3 months ago by CaineDCLXVI

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