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Enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Work best alone? Have your own gun? Bounty hunting may be for you. Every day, robots go rogue on Eisa. While NanoSec is always tirelessly striving to keep the peace, sometimes contractors get the job done faster and better.

Huge rewards. Huge satisfaction. Contact us today.

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WondalandeThe climax of the night. Wondaland is famous for its floating dance floor and for making people feel like they’re floating while on the dance floor. Visitors come from parsecs away just to experience the amazing sensations of trance, hardstyle, and progressive house on the hexagon grid, and you could be a part of that. We’re looking for bartenders, bouncers, and DJs keen to create a cool, refreshing, and exciting atmosphere of psychedelia on a weekly basis. For safety reasons, applicants must not weigh more than 100 kg (220 lbs).contact lister
ART! ART! ART!eLooking to take a break from your usual day-to-day? Hate paying bills? Take a load off your mind and make a small fortune with an internship in sculpture at the Koichi Santei Gallery for the Fine Arts! We're looking for thoughtful, patient models and artists to contribute to an upcoming exhibition of statues exploring a variety of erotic themes. Must be willing to relocate.contact lister
Nanite Systems Salese

Volunteering in the NS Sales Department is a great way to develop your customer service skills, meet new people, and scratch that itch where you stand over newbies and gloat after they put on their controllers but don’t yet know how to turn themselves on, totally helpless and in your power.

Sales staff become part of the official Nanite Systems Corporation group and are expected to be (or willing to become) familiar with the basics of the system, as well as good teachers. Robots, cyborgs, and organics are all equally welcome to apply. Sales staff may occasionally be asked to roleplay conversions by enthusiastic customers, but are not obligated to do so.

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Nanite Systems Maintenance (TechGuru)eRobots often need repairs, updates, and help getting set up. Joining the NS Maintenance Department on floor 5 of the Eisa campus is the best way to make sure they never do without! Applicants may join the maintenance team either in a roleplay-only capacity or by also completing the TechGuru Certification Exam, which ensures you really know your way around the Companion operating system. TechGuru-certified maintenance staff get the highly enviable “NS TechGuru” tag from the User Group, and all successful applicants get the “NS Technician” tag from the Field Robotics group. contact lister
digital courtesan programe
The perfect home for your old and unwanted sex bots!

The Digital Courtesan Program is Eisa’s robot orphanage and brothel, and it is constantly hungry for managers, users, promoters, and units. Units may join with the “digital courtesan” tag (seeking ownership) or the “digital courtesan*” tag (rental only); all monetary exchanges are RP-only except by special arrangement. The grid is thirsty for synthetic sex, so get involved in the matchmaking game of robot love! Perks of synthetic whoredom include residence in the luxurious Relaxation Center at NS, as well as an appropriate tag from the NS User Group.

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From escorting diplomats to upholding the public trust, there’s one private security force that the galaxy relies upon more often than any other, and that’s NanoSec. Protecting Eisa Colony is a big job, and our officers, units, and contractors do what no government policing force can to ensure it remains safe.

On Eisa, our jobs include public security, customs and immigration, bodyguarding, and private security contracts for other colonies and corporations. Services offered by other NanoSec teams include espionage, civil defense, riot suppression, and strategic consulting. Our officers and contractors are well-trained and well-compensated, and our units are programmed to suit any security task they are assigned to. Many are veterans of previous military and security work, and bring their unique experience to the table to enrich our team.

With a job that matters and long paid holidays, NanoSec is an ideal place for those who seek adventure and a big payoff. Enlist today and become a security pioneer of the future.

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Medical Staff wantede

In order to serve Eisa’s growing population, EGH is urgently looking to fill the following positions:


Other positions are also available. Please submit your application as soon as possible.

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myNanite FinancialeAt myNanite Financial, we are here to help our ever-growing base of customers worry less and live more. This is the reason why we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. If a customer wants to pay a bill at midnight, that is no problem. We don’t mess about with automated systems ever. Every one of our customers gets through to a real person, every time, from the outset. We’re literally always on.

As a Customer Service Representative you will take inbound calls from our beloved customers, taking them step-by-step through security and help deal with any of their requests. These requests can be anything from just setting up a simple standing order, paying a bill or even opening a new Savings Account for their child. It is of utmost importance to have amazing discussions and conversations with our clients. During these unique and diverse encounters we want you to take a genuine interest by building up a rapport and asking open-ended questions, so you can establish their unique personal banking needs and discuss what products and services are right and suitable for them. contact lister
The Landing PadeAt the end of the day, everyone wants to drop by somewhere familiar and relaxing to forget the day’s burdens with a drink or two. The Landing Pad is Eisa’s little slice of Earth tradition, featuring a warm, classic environment that’s perfect for the homesick and for all kinds of social gatherings. We’re currently looking for bartenders, as well as DJs interested in playing weekly events.contact lister
Black Stirrings Coffee & Tonere

People are the face and forefront of Black Stirrings. They create impactful and meaningful connections every day while making the perfect beverages — one cup at a time.

Working at a Black Stirrings store is a unique experience. You’re creating pure moments of meaningful clarity for clients, making a subtle but vital difference in their day to day lives. You will make, procure, and hand-craft delicious beverages while building these relationships with patrons and fellow partners. We offer flexi-scheduling, a comprehensive benefits scheme and a work environment that is like a family.

Hosts personally connect with, laugh with, and uplift the lives of our clients — even if just for a few moments. Their work goes beyond hand-crafting a perfectly made beverage — it’s about creating a human connection with every person who walks in the door.


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Club ioe Chic. Niche. Wild.

Go with the alternating current at io. Discover your true self at io. Let go of your worries at io. Take flight at io. Get higher at io.

We are looking for creative people and robots to make a warm, welcoming atmosphere at io. Bartending. Waiting. Entertaining. More. Must be comfortable working in smoky conditions.

There are no rules at io except to be yourself, darling, and to feel at home at io. Come home to io.contact lister
Heyoka InneThe Heyoka offers free cable and internet to its visitors, hourly, nightly, and monthly rates, and excellent housekeeping service. We’re looking for housekeepers and front desk staff willing to respond to the ding of a bell whenever someone needs service and capable of being discreet and not asking too many questions. Sign up today, and help whenever called upon!contact lister
Yura Fuel StationeThe galaxy’s most ubiquitous petroleum company is looking for additional part-time attendants to operate its Eisa location. Previous cashier experience strongly preferred.contact lister
eisa Tourism OfficeeMake Eisa accessible to visitors, new residents, and more. Joining the tourism team is a great way to meet people, to learn more about the colony and the moon itself, and to pass on that knowledge to others.

Really passionate about helping others get started? Apply for Eisa Mentorship. This special program by Tourism Eisa is ideal for those who want to improve and share roleplaying skills.contact lister
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