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Treasure Hunt 2023

What? You guys are still alive?

Despite the utter lack of updates here on the EisaNet News Service, the Colony has actually continued to boom on a regular basis, hosting regular events at Club Diagnosis and Eisa Botanical Gardens! (More on those in an upcoming post.)

But more acutely, the annual Treasure Hunt saga has continued, and this year's hunt is now on! Travel across the sim as an agent of mayhem (and vi0let) in search of fortune. This year's gimmick is an amazing(ly heavyweight) NPC dialog interface, using experiences to provide a near-seamless experience. It has to be seen to be believed!

As usual, the hunt will be updated for around 5 weeks, with 4 new items being added each week during the first 4 weeks, and grand prize(s) being added in the fifth. Items are added cumulatively, so there's no risk of missing a week, but the sooner you get started, the less you'll have to do last-minute1 when everyone's scrambling to finish!

To get started in this year's Treasure Hunt, visit vi0let's Legitimate Salvage (VLS) in Eisa, and simply click on SXD vi0let herself. After a second or two you should see the NPC dialog HUD on your screen!2

1 Actually, tradition mandates that we leave everything up for a few weeks afterward, just to be safe. But the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can tell all your friends to come join you...
2 If parts of the HUD seem to be missing, or the font is blurry and jumbled:
1) Right click the HUD and choose Refresh Textures.
2) Go into your graphics settings and make sure Object LOD is at 4.0.
3) Clear your texture cache.
4) Move to California. (This last one never fails.)

7 months ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2023-10-23 16:25:49 ยท link
SXD k4dzhira
posted 7 months ago
I have been authorized to spin yarns at strangers that come into my shop. Please. Come into my shop.
SXD ekh3ssa
posted 7 months ago
Verdammt! Stop asking this unit about MREs!
SXD vi0let
posted 7 months ago
Feel the power... of the data crystals!
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