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First of many @beacon Newsletter!

On the agenda for today?

Now, to get to the real meat of what we've heard as of Saturday, November 25th! 

Starting with... Nanite Systems announcing ARES v0.2.2! Users are being informed that as of next week, v0.2.2 will be dropping! Hell, we're even hearing that it may be leaving Alpha! Can you believe it, so soon and we're entering ARES Beta! So many things to come along with that. Anyhow, v0.2.2 will be focusing on the package management interface (ax/Ares Xanadu), improving the performance of ARES in general, and polishing a few bugs!

Next, we have got something exciting for ambitious modders and those wanting to fiddle with ARES internal workings! A new version of the ARES SDK will be dropping within a week or two, so if you're interested - Be sure to keep an eye out on your group notices! They're free!

Now, some users have been wondering, "What about Companion? Will it still be supported?" Or maybe thinking "What if the Grid updates, and it breaks a major feature?!" Well, for you people, we have both good AND bad news! Frankly, it's old, it's stinky, and, NS doesn't like messing with it anymore. So, it's going to become Mostly deprecated unless something major breaks, and is easily fixable. 

Meanwhile, slated to happen within the next three weeks is controllers finally beginning to get upgraded to ARES! The first to get these upgrades will be the DAX/2 Mini, everyone's favorite minimalist controller! Unfortunately for those who love bells and whistles, the NIGHTFALL/3 will be among the last to be upgraded. So, non-screened and simple controllers will be first, slowly advancing through the list of more involved controllers.  Expect things like the AIDE, SXDjr, and DAX/2 to be among the middle-first!

Next on the @beacon, ANav! For some older users, and people who've done some digging around, you may remember the Navigation Routing System. If not - Don't worry too much, it wasn't all-too-popular. ANav is a much better, improved idea of the old Companion NRS. Want to try it out? Slap on an updated ARES controller, find Bushnell Suites! And type '@nav tw' Or '@nav dir'! Keep an eye out on your group notices for the ANav server release aswell!

Last, but not least - For those of you that enjoy the NPC Conversant Hud being utilized during the hunt? Good news! It may be available for YOU to use soon! With integration to ANav! Oh! 

This is your warning that there is only 6 days left to finish the Hunt. Go click vi0let!


3 months ago by CaineDCLXVI

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SXDjr g4latea
posted 3 months ago
Succinct, information-packed, and informative, like a well-crafted software update!
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