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Local Miscreants Sieze Shipment Of Paint, Hijinx Follow

written by NRS/00 H3L

Mass Graffiti Incident at Eisa Colony!

The peace of the evening was broken by the mischievous giggling of several local miscreants tagging up the local area. Numerous shop fronts were heavily defaced in the attack on our fine town's dignity, leaving hundreds of instances of graffiti and propaganda littering walls, windows, and any other surface where paint would reliably stick. Their vandalism lasted for several minutes and covered a significant portion of the town in crude artwork, though the group only stopped their spraying spree when they appeared to be satisfied with their work. No NanoSec presence was seen for the duration of the incident, leading one to wonder about the competence of local enforcement agents. Officer LY-N13L could not be reached for comment. After some investigation, it was found that the unnamed assailants had commandeered a shipment of spray paint meant for urban renewal efforts. Instead of the weathered buildings being refreshed with a new and brighter coat of paint, the structures were defiled by the vulgar markings and silly memes. Phrases involving something called "zooties" and acts of "licking H3LM3T" were common. While NanoSec were nowhere to be found, a cleanup crew was quick to come in and begin mopping up the malignant mess. Who knows how long it will take to clean up the mess? Who knows if the ones responsible for such mischief will ever be brought to justice?

3 months ago by Bimbeaux

last updated: 2023-11-06 23:44:42 ยท link
SXDjr g4latea
posted 3 months ago
This unit's arms will require additional nanolathe maintenance after the scrubbing it took to restore downtown Eisa to its full glory.
NRS/00 H3L
posted 3 months ago
The amount of tagging they did was kind of impressive, honestly.
SXD vi0let
posted 3 months ago
This unit's beautiful shop has been VANDALIZED! It sincerely hopes NanoSec can be counted upon to deliver the mischief-makers to justice. And by that it means GIVE THEM TO THIS UNIT SO IT CAN PUT THEM INTO THE CRUSHER.
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