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Kampff-Voet Testing Initiative

Following recent events at Nanite Systems, all robots operating in or visiting Eisa Colony are REQUIRED to submit to NanoSec for an annual SVSnet test by 12:01 AM SLT on October 8, 2017. Units that fail the test will be reprogrammed to remove personality defects. Any unit that has not taken the test by Monday morning will be turned over to bounty hunters. Do not resist.

Dr. Hanna-Maria Kuusisto will be performing the tests from her office above Club io.

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-10-02 17:08:07 · link

Sex-bot conversion scandal rocks Nanite Systems; Voet, Connery, Cairn indicted; Korpal resigns

NEW YORK, NEW YORK. Early on Sunday morning, representatives from the Department of Justice issued notice to Nanite Systems' (NYSE: NSCORP) legal team that the thirty-five-year-old company would finally face charges over a case almost three years in the making, as concrete proof finally came to light over the conglomerate's alleged involvement in sex trafficking, forced roboticization, and abuse of junior employees. Thousands of young people, between the ages of 17 and 26, are believed to have been exploited by the company's Consumer Products Division, described by high-ranking anonymous sources within NS as "rogue," using technologies developed for robot manufacture and in situ medical prosthetics.

It is not currently known who had access to what information during the development of this scandal, but the company's senior leadership is apparently determined to set an example; Annika Voet, the chief of NS's Medical Division who helped to develop the prosthetics technology has voluntarily surrendered and is currently out on bail; Joseph Connery Jr., the Chair of the Board of Directors, and Graham Cairn, the CEO of the Security Division, have been taken into custody, and Amit Korpal, the CEO of NS Industrial Fabrication, has issued a prepared statement tendering his resignation for his department's role in the creation of the conversion technology, which some pundits have noted seems to have been prepared weeks in advance.

The Consumer Products Division, commonly referred to as NSCP or CPD inside the company, has a somewhat questionable past. The brainchild of Drs. April Voet and Koichi Santei, it was initially tasked with providing household goods to remote outposts through the company's existing supply chain. One thing led to another, and within one year of its creation, a daring plan to produce automated colonization through robotic pioneers was on the table, which would catapult CPD into the limelight. Market research suggested human colonists would never trust artificial settlers, however, and to salvage the project, the division turned to producing high-end sex robots, the ill-fated SXD series, in 1988. By 1992, after a series of high-profile scandals, recalls, and endless public backlash, the division was operating at a loss and was finally closed in 1997. "The world wasn't ready for what we had to offer," said Dr. Santei, in one interview dated August 12, 1993. "I hope that eventually changes."

Supposedly, it did—CPD re-opened in 2014, amid a flurry of serendipitous developments involving a handful of surviving SXDs: people were fascinated with them. For a time, it seemed like the future was finally ready for these machines, despite the lingering memory of malfunctions and murders. "We had to clean up the image," Dr. Samantha Wright, the current CPD CTO, has been quoted as saying. "It took a few iterations to get [the new robot design] to truly ... understand its place in the world, but now it's as safe as any other appliance." That new robot was the DAX/2, which launched to fanfare in early 2015. But for all Dr. Wright promised the new machines would be dumber, safer, and happier than their predecessors, many consumers found the opposite; as many as 50% of all DAX/2 units had an unnerving familiarity with human nature that clearly conflicted with the simple-mindedness that was advertised. Similar rates have been found among Nightfall/3 policing robots, as well as civilianized NS-112 Aide, NS-115 Scout, and NS-476 Aegis units. Estimates for the new DAX/3 series suggest that as many as 70% of all units may have formerly been living human beings. It is unknown if other divisions, such as the recent Yutani Onsen and Tai Yong acquisitions, are similarly affected.

This development comes at a terrible time for the interstellar megacorporation, which has been posting record profits for the past three consecutive quarters. Some investors have expressed concerns about the company's notoriously opaque revenue reporting system, which is highly secretive to protect the identities of its clientele in the private military-industrial sector, but could potentially be cloaking the true, terrible extent of the conversion program. "There's just no way of identifying the flow of money inside of a company as complex as this, at least not if [you're] an outsider," said Mark Hartsford, business analyst for EisaNet. "Many of the items on the earnings reports are purposefully obfuscated or described very generically, exactly to hinder prying eyes."

For all of the attention focused on CPD, it is perhaps surprising that Tamara Peluso and Samantha Wright are not among the names served court summons. CPD headquarters was relocated to Eisa in 2015, shortly after the release of the civilianized NS-112 Aide, and it is believed that this remoteness may be a key element in their continued freedom, as the Federal government may not believe it can practically project authority on a moon where even the security forces are completely privatized, and in the pockets of NS—the other three arrestees were all in New York. It has been rumored, however, that Peluso and Wright may have bought legal immunity by aiding investigators.

A court date has been set for Saturday, September 30. Voet is set to testify before the US Senate in a closed session slightly sooner, on Friday night.

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-09-24 05:25:39 · link

Compelling robot characters

Fitting into a new setting is not always easy, especially if you have little experience playing a type of character you're unfamiliar with. For many roleplayers, filling the boots of a robot in Eisa is just that; despite the hundreds of TV shows, movies, books, and graphic novels that have featured robotic characters, relatively few consider the everyday lives of machines built to assist humanity. Robot rebels, conquerors, and superheroes are far more common than machines that live and work with people in relative harmony, and as a result we frequently see characters who have taken control of their fates, are not meant to be understood (only feared), or have fundamentally individualist outlooks and total autonomy. The Second Renaissance, Terminator, and Ghost in the Shell are each an example of these types of characters.


6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-09-13 22:57:28 · link

Gallery 2.0

Next Saturday, Sept 16, at 2 PM SLT, join us at the Koichi Santei Gallery for the Fine Arts on the upper tier to celebrate the unveiling of architect Hanako Kuusisto's masterful new building. Formal attire required, all welcome. Eisa's art and culture are the envy of a thousand worlds, and a major driver of tourism revenue for the whole Algean system. We look forward to seeing you there.

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-09-10 12:03:57 · link

Job Fair 2017

On September 9, at 2 PM SLT, we'll be holding a job fair event at April Voet Memorial Park (across from Jichiren Companion House on the upper tier). Come learn about the exciting career and roleplaying opportunities that await you on the Purple Pearl!

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-08-27 21:33:40 · link

Lore Day 2017

How did NS get started making robots? Why are there so many different kinds of controllers? Just who was April Voet?

Join us next Saturday in Eisa, on July 8, when we'll be discussing these questions and more, looking back on the technical and historical details of the company, both from an IC perspective, since the company's founding in 1981, and an OOC perspective, since we first dreamt up the roleplay in 2014. (The particularly nerdy may want to buff up with NSIS first.)

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-07-03 00:53:29 · link

rules update

With so many people setting up homes in Eisa, we thought it was time we codified the behavior we expect from renters and other land-users in the sim. See the bottom of the rules page for more information.

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-06-17 18:09:30 · link

Important Alert!

By Samantha White, a.k.a. H3L

ALERT! Reports of a strange creature lurking in the swamps resembling a lanky humanoid with the lower half of a large snake have been received. Extreme care should be exercised when going near the area and any trips through the swamps should be avoided at all costs. The creature is said to be extremely violent and prone to attack without provocation. Any and all sightings should be reported to NanoSec immediately. DO NOT approach the creature if spotted. I repeat, DO NOT APPROACH IT.

I am so sorry.

6 years ago by Bimbeaux

last updated: 2017-04-10 09:28:01 · link

NS and Eisa at the SL Science Fiction Convention 2017

Come see what's left of the future! We have had a huge, gorgeous booth in one of the most-trafficked areas of the convention this year, in downtown Akasharon. Join us every day this week, until Sunday, April 2nd, to spread the word and discover what the rest of the grid has been up to while you've been recovering from all those nanite infusions.

More information about the Convention is available here.

Thanks again to everyone who attended. Double thanks to aluminumcuffs for not knowing hat a convention is.

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-05-21 19:56:11 · link

Robots vs. cyborgs

The below information was recently added to the About page. Most regulars will be familiar with these details, but they're not very obvious to new visitors.

Robots: The primary driving force for the creation of synthetic life isn't a god complex—that's not economically useful. On most civilized worlds in the Better Today setting, including our humble little lunar paradise, robots are treated like slaves. They are bought and sold, they are expected to obey their owners, and strays are captured, reprogrammed, or simply destroyed. The worst crime that can be committed against a robot is destruction of property—not a very heavy charge in most courts!

Cyborgs: Want to play a synthetic, but don't like the idea of being a slave? Consider a cyborg role. As long as your brain is completely biological and cannot be hacked or reprogrammed (e.g. memory uploading) then you can be otherwise fully mechanical. There may be a moderate stigma attached to this, but you have full legal rights.

Brain augmentations: If you've seen Ghost in the Shell the reasons for this boundary should be obvious—a reprogrammable person can be made to lie under oath.) Brain augmentations that straddle the boundary between meat and metal are highly illegal, and anyone caught with them will either be sent to prison, forcibly de-augmented, or forcibly converted into a robot, depending on how threatening they are. Anyone who performs such operation is dealt with as though they had brainwashed the implant recipient.

Remember: These are setting details, not sim rules. We welcome revolutionaries, transhumanists, Rampancy, and criminals. Without them, there's not much to do.

6 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2017-03-19 21:36:30 · link

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