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Beacon Newsletter #4: 17FEB2024

This week we have:

  • Progress on controller retrofits
  • News on ARES 0.3.1
  • The retirement of the CX/Supervisor controller
  • A few suggestions made by our glorious sim janitor, g4latea!

Progress Aplenty!

Main Controller Retrofit Progress & ARES 0.3.1

Well, the new year has come and gone, and our wonderful corporate overlords have been hard at work getting ARES more and more functional and available to us masses!

So far, we've seen retrofits for the following main controllers:

  • DAX/2
  • DAX/2 Mini
  • DAX/3
  • DAX/3 Mini
  • Mesta
  • Hephaestus
  • Scout
  • Relic
  • DAX/T
  • iKitten
  • SXDjr
  • Aide
  • XSU
  • Artifact
  • Arecibo

We're more than halfway through the list! Soon all shall be able to partake in the glory of the future with ARES! Speaking of, some news regarding some more improvements coming in the upcoming 0.3.1 update include:

  • A fix to the AX issues with downloading/installing packages sporadically failing due to a race condition with permissions
  • Kernel optimizations for even less crashes!
  • More bugfixes!

Future ARES function to-dos!

Additionally, information was shared about some upcoming future functionality updates for ARES, including:

  • Implementing of various policies, including two new ones: auto-consent and bedtime!
    • Auto-consent will allow avatars either in the same active group as the unit, or on the unit's friends-list, to bypass the normal consent request process and be automatically granted consent to operate the unit as a user. Now your friends can be your users!
    • Bedtime is a supplement/sequel to the familiar "curfew" policy. Curfew simply enforces that a unit stays within a particular region during a particular period of time, Bedtime will enforce that the unit stays seated on a specific object during a specific period! Great when used together to ensure your unit(s) are set in their charging stations at the end of a long and stressful day of use!

CX/Supervisor Leaving Availability

Since, as mentioned, we're more than halfway through the list of the existing main controllers being retrofitted for ARES, the day has come for the sunsetting of sale for the CX/Supervisor.

The decision has been made that the Supervisor will be no longer available for sale as of 11PM SLT on 18FEB2024. Group notices should go out informing everybody of this final deadline to show your dedication to ARES testing and be part of the cool kids' club! Grab one before they're gone!

Feature Proposals

Finally, we have notes on a few feature enhancements that were proposed by g4latea, our most lovely sim janitor/overseer/secretary. To wit:

  • Suggestion to allow cycling through AO animations for stands/sits.
    • This functionality (at least part of it) already exists in NanAO v9.0.2 with the "cycle now" button.
  • Suggestion to allow customization of startup/shutdown/idle/etc.
    • This functionality will be coming in a future update of NanAO where they will be treated like AO states.

3 days ago by Armelthelae

last updated: 2024-02-18 18:53:28 · link

@Beacon Newsletter #3

Today's Gifts!

  • Sexuality Module Progress [ARES' version of TESI]
  • Beta 1 To-Do's

December 23, the Holliday-tide

Wow, it's already Christmas! And jee, our friends over at NS have been working hard! Especially on one thing plenty of people have asked them, and us at the office about! ARESSexuality! That, and we're ever getting closer to Beta 1! I can smell those updated controllers around the corner of the new year! 

Right, on what we'll be getting with Sexuality... First off, it sounds like we're receiving a Masochism Mode! With this, any damage that registers through ATOS will also pleasure your Unit! Spicy, huh? For those who like cracking whips! With this, we'll also be getting brand-new sounds! No more stuffy TESI sounds, now we have Panting, Pain noises, and new voices! I do like the sound of that! And what's this? Orgasm triggers! Very lovely for those who wanna make their Units spurt like fountains. 

Seems just like Companion, Cryolube stores will have plenty of uses! Starting from there, we can drip when you're all hot and bothered, refilled with Cryolube... Of course, simple things! There's also the draining to go along. It also looks like we'll get the ability to keep track of contaminants! What kind? We've not been told yet! Maybe we'll get some sort of radioactive contaminants! Perhaps even you can fill your Unit with your favorite type of alcohol. What else...? Oh! We'll be getting "It's Not Mine!" compatibility. Just slap some of that seed onto your Unit's face when we get that Sexuality module, and they might just refill!

On other notes we'll also be getting a lovely suite of sensors and fun stuff for slapping, yanking, and other actions! Do you have an animation you want to have your Unit be aroused by? Well, you can set it up to do that! And for those who dreaded installing TESI, you'll be pleased to know Sexuality will have an Installer similar to its setup! 

Beta 1 To-Do's

Now, we've got some progress to wait on before we fully enter ARES Beta 1! Here's a little listing of that. Everyone's favorite way to receive new applications and scripts for their Unit, ARES Xanadu will be getting fixes to its package manager. Second, we'll be seeing new tutorials arriving for ARES! For those like me, your intrepid reporter, there'll be a golden way to help new Users learn how to make use of their NS Unit! Third, we'll be receiving even more work on Pre-Set Personas! Go take a look through those in the future, maybe you'll find some new sound fonts you like! Last but not least on our first list, ANav will be getting some utilities! Mostly stuff on the Admin side of it, though. 

We have, however, received an official order for the Upgraded Controller Roll-Out! Oh, I'm giddy just hearing it! Looks like we've got DAX/2mDAX/3mMesta (This one's personal favorite!), HephaestusScoutRelicDAX/2AideSXDjrXSUArtifactDAX/3AreciboAegisRevenant, and Nightfall! Wow, wonder how many people are excited about all that! I know I sure am. 

I have been informed to let everyone know that Limited Edition controllers will not be converted retroactively. I know, it sucks, but NS is the boss! We're just their lovely consumers! Howeveeeer! New Hunts in the following years may or may not include upgraded controllers! Alongside, we will be recieving conversion kits for you to slap onto old limited Companion controllers! 

Well. That's all I've got for you today folks! I hope you all have lovely holidays and look forward alongside me for NS's great future! Remember, have a Better Tomorrow!

a month ago by CaineDCLXVI

last updated: 2023-12-25 17:06:37 · link

Eisa Christmas Party 2023!

line noise generated by arm3

Club Diagnosis once again invites all Eisa residents, machines, and visitors to come by on Saturday, December 23rd, for our Eisa Christmas Party. Starting at 5PM come enjoy some holiday tunes, bask in the decorations, and just relax with your fellow Eisans in celebration for all that we're appreciative for from this year and moving into the next. We hope to see you there!

2 months ago by Armelthelae

last updated: 2023-12-18 00:35:27 · link

@Beacon Newsletter #2

Today's Agenda!

  • ARES 0.2.2
  • New ARES SDK dropped
  • ARES Beta Date?
  • ARES Sexuality

The cyber-meat of Saturday, December 9th

Alright, so what we've got is mostly just advances on the last @beacon. ARES v0.2.2 has dropped! If you're only a version or two behind please follow the instructions here to get your update! If you're further behind - Or don't want to follow instructions, just head to Eisa! Get your redelivery and enjoy being amongst the updated!

 Further following last news, the new SDK has dropped! For our endeavouring modders, package makers, and all that fun stuff- do head over to the Development Portal

Right, so we're looking at the end of December for the Beta of ARES. Fun, fun! With that, one I'm personally excited for is that we'll start getting those upgraded controllers out!

Of course, for those that enjoy Companion's TESI, we'll also be seeing ARES' Sexuality module dropping sometime around then, according to Nanite Systems! Otherwise that seems to be all we've got for this week!

2 months ago by CaineDCLXVI

last updated: 2023-12-10 18:30:44 · link

First of many @beacon Newsletter!

On the agenda for today?

  • ARES v0.2.2
  • ARES Beta?
  • New ARES SDK 
  • Upgraded Controllers
  • ANav
  • NPC Conversant

Now, to get to the real meat of what we've heard as of Saturday, November 25th! 

Starting with... Nanite Systems announcing ARES v0.2.2! Users are being informed that as of next week, v0.2.2 will be dropping! Hell, we're even hearing that it may be leaving Alpha! Can you believe it, so soon and we're entering ARES Beta! So many things to come along with that. Anyhow, v0.2.2 will be focusing on the package management interface (ax/Ares Xanadu), improving the performance of ARES in general, and polishing a few bugs!

Next, we have got something exciting for ambitious modders and those wanting to fiddle with ARES internal workings! A new version of the ARES SDK will be dropping within a week or two, so if you're interested - Be sure to keep an eye out on your group notices! They're free!

Now, some users have been wondering, "What about Companion? Will it still be supported?" Or maybe thinking "What if the Grid updates, and it breaks a major feature?!" Well, for you people, we have both good AND bad news! Frankly, it's old, it's stinky, and, NS doesn't like messing with it anymore. So, it's going to become Mostly deprecated unless something major breaks, and is easily fixable. 

Meanwhile, slated to happen within the next three weeks is controllers finally beginning to get upgraded to ARES! The first to get these upgrades will be the DAX/2 Mini, everyone's favorite minimalist controller! Unfortunately for those who love bells and whistles, the NIGHTFALL/3 will be among the last to be upgraded. So, non-screened and simple controllers will be first, slowly advancing through the list of more involved controllers.  Expect things like the AIDE, SXDjr, and DAX/2 to be among the middle-first!

Next on the @beacon, ANav! For some older users, and people who've done some digging around, you may remember the Navigation Routing System. If not - Don't worry too much, it wasn't all-too-popular. ANav is a much better, improved idea of the old Companion NRS. Want to try it out? Slap on an updated ARES controller, find Bushnell Suites! And type '@nav tw' Or '@nav dir'! Keep an eye out on your group notices for the ANav server release aswell!

Last, but not least - For those of you that enjoy the NPC Conversant Hud being utilized during the hunt? Good news! It may be available for YOU to use soon! With integration to ANav! Oh! 

This is your warning that there is only 6 days left to finish the Hunt. Go click vi0let!


2 months ago by CaineDCLXVI

last updated: 2023-11-27 21:17:42 · link

Local Miscreants Sieze Shipment Of Paint, Hijinx Follow

written by NRS/00 H3L

Mass Graffiti Incident at Eisa Colony!

The peace of the evening was broken by the mischievous giggling of several local miscreants tagging up the local area. Numerous shop fronts were heavily defaced in the attack on our fine town's dignity, leaving hundreds of instances of graffiti and propaganda littering walls, windows, and any other surface where paint would reliably stick. Their vandalism lasted for several minutes and covered a significant portion of the town in crude artwork, though the group only stopped their spraying spree when they appeared to be satisfied with their work. No NanoSec presence was seen for the duration of the incident, leading one to wonder about the competence of local enforcement agents. Officer LY-N13L could not be reached for comment. After some investigation, it was found that the unnamed assailants had commandeered a shipment of spray paint meant for urban renewal efforts. Instead of the weathered buildings being refreshed with a new and brighter coat of paint, the structures were defiled by the vulgar markings and silly memes. Phrases involving something called "zooties" and acts of "licking H3LM3T" were common. While NanoSec were nowhere to be found, a cleanup crew was quick to come in and begin mopping up the malignant mess. Who knows how long it will take to clean up the mess? Who knows if the ones responsible for such mischief will ever be brought to justice?

3 months ago by Bimbeaux

last updated: 2023-11-06 23:44:42 · link

Club Diagnosis Halloween Party

Come down to Club Diagnosis on Saturday, October 28th, at 5 PM SLT for a night of music, mystique, and masques!

There will be a costume contest running, voted on by attendees, with a grand prize of any currently-for-sale Nanite Systems controller!

See the floating signs placed in strategic spots around Eisa for a landmark directly to the club's entrance, and we hope to see you there!

4 months ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2023-10-23 17:47:12 · link

Treasure Hunt 2023

What? You guys are still alive?

Despite the utter lack of updates here on the EisaNet News Service, the Colony has actually continued to boom on a regular basis, hosting regular events at Club Diagnosis and Eisa Botanical Gardens! (More on those in an upcoming post.)

But more acutely, the annual Treasure Hunt saga has continued, and this year's hunt is now on! Travel across the sim as an agent of mayhem (and vi0let) in search of fortune. This year's gimmick is an amazing(ly heavyweight) NPC dialog interface, using experiences to provide a near-seamless experience. It has to be seen to be believed!

As usual, the hunt will be updated for around 5 weeks, with 4 new items being added each week during the first 4 weeks, and grand prize(s) being added in the fifth. Items are added cumulatively, so there's no risk of missing a week, but the sooner you get started, the less you'll have to do last-minute1 when everyone's scrambling to finish!

To get started in this year's Treasure Hunt, visit vi0let's Legitimate Salvage (VLS) in Eisa, and simply click on SXD vi0let herself. After a second or two you should see the NPC dialog HUD on your screen!2

1 Actually, tradition mandates that we leave everything up for a few weeks afterward, just to be safe. But the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can tell all your friends to come join you...
2 If parts of the HUD seem to be missing, or the font is blurry and jumbled:
1) Right click the HUD and choose Refresh Textures.
2) Go into your graphics settings and make sure Object LOD is at 4.0.
3) Clear your texture cache.
4) Move to California. (This last one never fails.)

4 months ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2023-10-23 16:25:49 · link

Sim rebuild status update

Greetings! We're still in the middle of reconstructing the sim in line with the next huge chapter in the Eisa timeline. For those of you who missed last year's treasure hunt, its theme was heavily concerned with disintegration of reality. Ancient ruins, tears in space, strange new robot control devices, and hostile anomalies began to appear all over the city, and it quickly became clear that what was going on was not merely some minor accident caused by a rogue pilot testing out an experimental rocket engine in orbit. After a climactic fight with a huge anomaly that threatened to destroy the entire colony, things took a turn for the worse, if not for the worst, and in the end a massive explosion obliterated Eisa Colony and its surroundings.

Months after the explosion, when the dust has finally settled, we'll finally get a chance to look at what was buried beneath the city, and at the source of all these strange phenomena. What exactly is the Relic controller, and who made it? Was Eisa home to alien life before it was settled by modern humans? Will vi0let ever succeed in her quest to make a sentient toaster? These questions and more will all be answered soon...

For those of you new to Eisa, yes, this means that roleplay is suspended in all practical senses, although our siblings and friends at Gaga-Rin are still very industrious and active on the far side of Eisa, so don't worry! There's still plenty of fun to be had in the Better Today universe.

4 years ago by Samantha Wright

last updated: 2019-03-27 07:02:36 · link

Holograms and Halloween Fun!

by H3L

The latest @beacon was rife with discussions, topics ranging from future software updates to the new forums (seriously, go sign up for it!), though the greatest topics of discussion were the upcoming hologram programming and features as well as the upcoming holiday event. One idea that was humored was something of a holovirus, though it likely won't be anything more than a flight of fancy for some time. The holiday event for this month is, as we all can guess by this point, a treasure hunt of sorts. Rumor has it that a ship sporting an experimental FTL drive malfunctioned and exploded over Eisa, raining shattered parts down upon the city. We, the loyal and dutiful citizens of Eisa, get to find these scraps and turn them in. Just be aware that what you dig up might not appreciate being found.

Apparently, some entities don't take kindly to friendly trick-or-treaters that just want to help clean their yard. Let's give them a hand and tidy things up anyway.

EDIT: You can join the forums through the Redeliveries page, found by using any Redelivery terminal, including pocket redelivery terminals.

5 years ago by Bimbeaux

last updated: 2018-10-20 20:01:24 · link

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